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Anti-anxiety anti depressants that don't cause arrhythmia/palpitations?

Admittedly, it's a bit of a long-shot but are there any meds of this type that don't cause arrythmia or palpitations in people that suffer from afib?

I'm aware of a number that DO, but asking more about those that haven't in people with afib.

If you've caught up with any of my questions on here in the last 12 months, you may know that I've had an ablation but have been getting a lot of ectopics lately.

I'm having a lot of health problems in the past 9 months, it's seemingly some sort of neurological problem but lately things have become a lot worse, and as much as I've held out for a while, I'm struggling to keep it together and think that some form of medication could really help.

My wife goes away with her sister on Saturday for a nice, week-long holiday and I don't want her to be worrying, nor do I want to be worrying and getting overly stressed, while she's away. It's been a tough couple of years for us, with my health, my granddad, dad both passing away and now my aunt is seemingly very close to dying.

Wah, wah, boo-hoo, amirite? Anyway, haha. I've held it together pretty well for the most part but I'm really starting to feel like there may be a case of anxiety exacerbating things so if any of you guys know of, or have tried any, that don't interact or have minimal interaction with heart issues, it would be great to know.

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Sorry Dave I have no experience of such drugs apart from a very bad one about forty years ago with valium . Why not talk to your GP about CBT or similar mind steadying exercises. Sending you my best hopes anyway.


Sertraline is the safest antidepressant / anxiolytic for cardiac patients. Like many antidepressants, it may occasionally prolong the QT interval on the ECG and ideally this should be monitored. I have taken an SSRI for 20 years, the last 8 on Sertraline, without any problems. I have found it highly effective.

Edit I had Paroxysmal AF for 8 years, now permanent AF 1 Year.

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Thanks for your response.

I've been on fluoxetine in the past and within 10 days my heart was not happy. Turns out my GP had actually forgotten I had a heart prob. Though he didn't admit.

Please see my edit above

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Thanks! I'll have to ask about this.

Fluoxetine has fluorine in it. I think all medications containing this molecule are poison. Adding a fluorine component to nalidixic acid turned a moderately noxious antibiotic into a super noxious one . Fluorine is one of the most poisonous elements on our planet.

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Saying “Prozac contains fluorine [or fluoxetine], not fluoride” without clarifying that this literally means Prozac is a fluoride is either a deliberate attempt to mislead people, or is the result of ignorance or to scare people away from the drug.

Please see zurichtimes.wordpress.com/2...

I have been on Fluoxetine for many years, suffering with clinical depression. I had a heart attack last May and a triple heart bypass on June 8th 2018. My drugs were reviewed before, during and after the operation and at no time did anyone mention that Fluoxetine was to be dropped. When someone suffers with depression and who has had heart problems it is very irresponsible to suggest that the medication that is actually keeping them well is actually dangerous to their health. There are probably thos e with whom the mixture of drugs does have some effects, but that does not make any of them dangerous.

I would suggest that no doctor, surgeon or specialist would have allowed me to remain on Fluoxetine had it been detrimental to my, or anybody elses health.

Then you are naive. Doctor's prescribe drugs that are detrimental to people's health all the time. As every drug scandal that hits the headlines shows. Ever heard of Vioxx? Avandia ? They often just don't know because the manufacturers take great pains to keep the detrimental side of their products hidden and exaggerate the henefits. The fact that fluorine combines with other elements to become fluoride does not suddenly take the poisonous nature of it away - whether it is in water or medicines. And fluoxetine is detrimental to the health of your brain. Many people get horrendous withdrawal symptoms ( coyly called discontinuation syndrome by the medical profession ) if they try to come off SSRI meds. Fluorine was added to nalidixic acid to create the fluoroquinolone class of antibiotics in order to give it greater penetration into body tissues . It also enables it to pass the blood brain barrier . This has resulted in hundreds of thousands of people being severely damaged ( bodily and mentally) over three decades by the oh so responsible medical profession dishing out a class of drugs that was developed for anthrax and plague like sweeties for preventing traveller's diarrhoea or sinusitis. Fluoride was widely used in the last century to suppress thyroid activity in those with hyperthyroidism. What do you think it might do to the health of people with normal thyroids?

I am not reading your reply since you obviously have some sort of vendetta or have been influenced by United States web pages. I gave you a web site address because I DO NOT MAKE STATEMENTS THAT CANNOT BE VERIFIED. I do not care about anything other than the drugs I am on and your suggestion referring to what could be termed a "life saver" is disrespectful and uncaring and irresponsible and was why I answered you. I am well aware of drugs that do harm and certainly AM NOT NAIVE and give you just the one example of harmful drugs - Chemotherapy - however, many people have wonderful outcomes from it, so please make adjustments for other peoples thoughts and illnesses. You are so wrong it is almost laughable. The horse is too high, don't try

I've reported you, as you've clearly just come here to argue with people and you've obviously got nothing constructive to add.

His own link gives a list as long as your arm of the nasty side effects Prozac can have. If your main problem is anxiety rather than depression then anti depressant meds are not really ideal as they work on different brain pathways than true anti anxiety meds like benzos. Why don't you look into natural anxiety reducing substances and stategies rather than risking taking a med that might make your heart arrythmia worse?

I have to disagree with you - your post asked a question of which I was going to answer when Auriculaire came up with a definitive answer and since I have been on Fluoxetine for many years, made some enquiries and found an alternative (with some degree of truth in it) source of information that appears to give some clarity. The above mentioned person then called me naive which I took exception to. He then goes on to post and ridicule the drug that he dislikes and talks as if an expert or a doctor. I am a patient and have been using Fluoxetine for many years without adverse effect and that is a fact. I do disagree with anyone that whitewashes over a drug that clearly has/does help people deal with depression and for Auriculaire to disagree and ridicule this perfectly sensible reply does the group no good what so ever. As for you DaveT81 what I have to offer is a constructive reply to a harmful post that belittles the worth of a very useful drug. I have not suggested it works for everyone or that everyone has a positive outcome from taking it, all I have CLEARLY said is that the drug works for me and by virtue of it's continued use, must be used by millions of people in a positive way and scare mongering does no one any good. If anything, Auriculaire is the argumentative one, clearly had a downer on anti depressants, preferring a non drug approach which does not work for everyone. His whitewash approach is flawed and unkind and disrespectful and churlish to many sufferers of depression and with heart problems.

I again repeat my statement that after a heart attack and triple heart bypass in June 2018, "I would suggest that no doctor, surgeon or specialist would have allowed me to remain on Fluoxetine had it been detrimental to my, or anybody elses" and that one should at least give a drug a chance to work before making rash decisions as to it's worth, unless of course the drug has a direct adverse effect on the health of the patient. That is common sense.

That's great. But once again, you offered nothing constructive in your initial response to me. You've also failed to respond to the fact I've pointed out to you that the EMC clearly shows that arrhythmia and palpitations are a common side effect of fluoxetine.

You've completely side tracked my topic, which was asking personal experiences of people with my condition, by arguing and trying to have the last word which, in itself, is rude and disrespectful. However, I notice from a cursory glance at a lot of your previous replies that you have a bit of a habit of causing topics to fall into argument and bickering.

At no point have you answered my question about whether you suffer with afib and you've made no attempt to answer my question, other than a sarcastic question asking what anti-depressants and anxiety drugs DO cause arrhythmia and palpitations. I work in a medical environment, so I'm fully aware that many anti-depressants/anxiety meds do cause both, because they influence electrical conduction in the heart but personal experience is unique. Hence why I'm asking.

For the record, my own GP started me on fluoxetine, had no idea of the side effects and forgot about my condition. It did not go well. So there's one medical professional who isnt perfect. And I work with many others.

I'd appreciate it if you'd take your responses elsewhere, as we're all suffering in some way and I quite frankly haven't got the time or inclination to have to put up with this level of childishness and side tracking.

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I read the link you gave. All of it. The big list of nasty side effects of Prozac it gives towards the end does not really advertise it as a "life saver" rather as a potential " health wrecker" .You might be ok on Prozac but try coming off it. My sister tried three times without success. Finally she was put on another drug.

Sertraline Side Effects in Detail - Drugs.com


Commonly reported side effects of sertraline include: diarrhea, dizziness, drowsiness, dyspepsia, fatigue, insomnia, loose stools, nausea, tremor, headache, paresthesia, anorexia, decreased libido, delayed ejaculation, diaphoresis, ejaculation failure, and xerostomia. Other side effects include: abdominal pain, agitation, pain, vomiting, anxiety, hypouricemia, and malaise. See below for a comprehensive list of adverse effects.

All drugs have the potential to do us harm but on the whole they do more good than harm

That is your assessment of the risk benefit analysis. Having been poisoned by an antibiotc 4 times ,three times of which the prescription was inappropriate I would beg to differ. I have also had asthma provoked by a course of desensitising injections for rhinitis and been prescribed HRT when actually I had a failing thyroid. Why one would risk suffering the physical side effects of SSRIs ( to say nothing of the withdrawal symtoms when trying to discontinue them) when research shows that for many they don't even work much better than placebo for the depression is beyond me. Feeling physically ill day after day is depressing in itself.

Hi there. I was on escitralapram for 5 years until they told me it can elongate QT levels. J am now on sertraline and all is fine.

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So that's now two for sertraline. I will definitely want to see my GP and ask him to prescribe me this.

How long does it take to 'kick in', and have you suffered any side effects?

Took me a good few weeks. But i had been on stuff before. If you have never taken them before they can take a bit of getting used to in the early days. But in my opinion so worth the initial part. You have to stick with them for at least 3 weeks I think ? Some people find the initial side effect too much

Yeah, I suffered one very weird side effect with fluoxetine after 10 days, every day at the same time I'd get a weird 'warmth' that spread across my chest and that let into palps and my heart tried to go into afib. I wonder if I'd stuck it out, would the side effects have gone but I couldn't risk it. I think sertraline sounds like the way forward, I'm also hopeful that it'll bring down the increased ectopics as well.

Glad it's done good things for yourself too!

I had crippling anxiety and profound depression with suicidal ideation back in 2010. I could barely get out of bed. The anxiety responded dramatically to Sertraline within 3 days, the depression in 2 weeks. No worsening of my PAF that could be attributed to Sertraline.

I saw my psychiatrist recently who said that Sertraline was the best SSRI for patients with heart rhythm problems and did not have any effect on AF. I still think it’s probably a good idea to have an ECG before and after Sertraline or any SSRI, to rule out congenital prolonged QT before treatment or drug induced prolonged QT after. Not that I did, and I suspect it is not common practice.

I was recently on mirtazapine.

No issues with AF, but couldn't stay awake!

Haha, I'm having fatigue issues myself but I'll try anything to try to bring the stress levels down as this will hopefully reduce my symptom's severity as well.

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Hi Dave I have been on 10mg of Citralolpram since last July because my eptopics after my ablation in May was giving me anxiety quite bad, since taking Citralolpram I have been fine and no side effects that I have noticed

I think my wife was on citalopram a couple of years back and she thought that was really good for her. Good to know that there are a few reported meds that haven't caused AF sufferers problems.

So many anti-anxiety meds seems to interact poorly with AF.

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I really struggled on this one, it made my heart feel like it was going to explode

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I’ve been on Sertraline for 5 years. The hospital recommended it as they thought lowering my anxiety level might produce less AF episodes. A pharmacist researched it for me to find the best one for people with my heart issues.

Excellent, it looks as if sertraline may be the one I'm looking at then.

I definitely think that my anxiety and stress, while not at really high levels, is definitely making my symptoms worse. As my symptoms have worsened, my heart has become a lot more sensitive too. Kept me up for a couple of hours last night with ectopics again.

So it seems that it's a long-term drug, are there any long-term issues with it, that you've experienced?

Life can be hard sometimes can’t it! I was in a similar place to you at the beginning of last year, did not really wanting to go down the antidepressant route as I had finally got some respite from my heart issues. I went to see my GP and he sent me for CBT which I found very helpful, not for everyone, I know. I also occasionally take a low dose Diazepam if feeling particularly stressed. Relaxation and meditation are also very helpful. Hope you find what suits you.



I also carry low dose Diazepam for emergencies eg being in a car accident which may give me an AF episode.

CBT was some help but not enough for me. I have found after surviving multiple AF episodes I can keep calmer now which has lessened both the frequency and intensity.

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I've actually tried Diazepam myself in the past, for flying mainly. I find it just makes me sleepy, rather than relaxes me - maybe I need a higher dose! haha.

If I get a diagnosis for other health issues I expect I'll end up in CBT too (nerve disorder).

The problem with many anti depressants is when you want to stop taking them . Some people get horrendous withdrawal symptoms and you can't tell before you start whether you will be one of these people. If they also exacerbate arrythmias better not to start as that in itself would cause anxiety. Are you supplementing with magnesium ? That can alleviate anxiety as can curcumin though that might be contraindicated if you take an anticoagulant as curcumin has anti aggregant properties. What about meditation or mindfulness techniques? They have no side effects.

To be honest, I'm expecting to be started on some form of anti-depressant/psychotic if I ever get a proper diagnosis for my other health issues (there's many).

I've had any test you can think of and it's looking likely I have a nerve disorder. I've read that these sorts of meds are given in cases of things like FND/conversion disorder, so I'm just trying to get ahead of the game.

Also, I'm feeling very stressed and anxious about my health lately as well. I feel like the time for meditation, etc. has passed or will be in the future, once I've had chemical help in sort things out for myself too.

Have you by any chance been treated with a fluoroquinolone antibiotic in the last couple of years?

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Not.. to my knowledge. Y'see, I didn't have a lot (if any) health issues until about 2 yeard ago (apart from early ectopics that led to afib), and I cant remember the last time I was ill enough to require antibiotics.

Are they given during an ablation?

I don't know . Probably not.

I am going to be very honest here , some people say they work but I blame antidepressants for my heart problems. I will suggest one thing that is working for me at the moment, coconut water !!!! Low sugar and low sodium. I am gob smacked why we have not heard of it , try it Dave before you take anything else.

Hi Sam, funny you should say that because I actually bought CW yesterday. I would ordinarily eat bananas but due to IBS like issues I find them quite hard to eat at times.

I cant report any changes in ectopic beats etc yet but I guess that wont happen overnight.

Unfortunately, I may have to just give the anti-depressants a try at this stage and hope for best.

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Hi Dave I avoid sugar, I don’t drink any caffeine and avoid salt, I also found the low sugar and low sodium CW got to be very careful as some are loaded with sugar and infact can make them worse. Stay hydrated it’s definitely the way forward and eat small meals.

Anti-anxiety anti depressants

YOUR QUESTION: - Admittedly, it's a bit of a long-shot but are there any meds of this type that don't cause arrythmia or palpitations in people that suffer from afib?

MY QUESTION: - Admittedly, it's a bit of a long-shot but are there any meds of this type that DO cause arrhythmia or palpitations in people that suffer from afib?

Not sure if you're asking a question inside the wider topic, or you're asking me?

Either way, yes is the answer to that. Have a read through some of the replies, you'll find a lot of responses about medications of this type that cause arrhythmia and palpitations.

I started the thread myself because the only one I've ever tried - fluoxetine - gave me both of these issues and irritated my heart.

Editing this, as I see you're on fluoxetine. It works for you, that's great. It didn't for me. And I'm not the only one.

This was a question aimed at people with afib, who have had experience of anti-anxiety/depression meds. Of which I myself have experience. Do you have afib? I see you mention depression and having had a heart attack.

If you'd read any of my posts you'll see I have tried fluoxetine. It irritated my heart, to the point that it felt like (post ablation) my afib was about to return. It also gave me palpitations. I'm not the only one.

You may not have had trouble with it, regardless of what heart issues you have post-heart attack, but it is - very clearly - listed as a common side effect. Check here for evidence (https://www.medicines.org.uk/emc/product/3768/smpc), point 12 under 'common' side effects - 'rapid and irregular heartbeat sensations'.

If you're somebody who already experiences rapid and/or irregular heartbeat sensations then you're probably not going to want to take fluoxetine. Again, you may not have had any issues, but I did.

So the reason I'm asking about this is because there are a host of these sorts of medications that cause similar problems and the reason appears to be that they disrupt the electrical function of the heart.

I was put on that horrible drug years ago in my early 20s for pmt . I never had any heart problems before I took it and by god was it hard to get off , back then we was told you can stop taking it with zero side effects lol ?? Totally lies !! I was stuck on it for years, my heart started playing up 8 weeks after taking it and well going from zero palpitations to skip beats then SVT then AF eventually got me to get shut 6 years ago and I am glad I did feel better off them but my heart paid the price , that’s my own opinion and from my own experience on them .

It's really not a pleasant one. Shame though, as I actually felt a slight improvement in my mood almost straight away.

The side effects kicked in pretty quickly though and I had to come off it. I know these sorts of side effects can often fade away, once the drug properly enters your system but it can also get much worse.

Seems that a lot of people have problems with it though!

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Medications have varying side effects on different people, and we suggest that you speak with your doctor who knows your medical history to ensure that you are prescribed a suitable medication that should not interact with any conditions you might have, as well as other medications you might be taking.

Thanks, I'm simply asking people's experiences.

I'm not asking for them to give me medical advice.

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Following several reports, I would like to remind people that there is a list of forum rules pinned to the top. This can be viewed at healthunlocked.com/afassoci...

Please remember that this forum should remain friendly. Unhelpful comments will be removed. Anyone found to be offensive will be temporarily blocked.

I am closing this post to any further comments.

Thank you in advance for your co-operation.

Rachel - AF Association Patient Services.

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