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In Limbo!


Please could I have some advice on what to do next. I have had my four day monitor but now silence.

I am having episodes of AF for 20 out of 24 hours and the Flecainide doesn’t touch it. A day op has been cancelled until my heart is settled and I have left several messages for arrhythmia nurse.

I feel as if I am in an exhausted limbo, any advice on next step?


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Can you phone your Cardiologist's secretary? Can your GP move things along? If you can't make contact with anyone then ring the Concerns ( Complaints) Dept at your Regional Hospital.

Remember " She who makes the most noise gets the most attention."

Please persevere as the current situation is unfair to you.

Hylda in reply to jennydog

That’s exactly what my GP said yesterday morning so will start shouting just as soon as I get my breath back!!

Rang consultant’s nhs secretary end of November early December so guess I’ll have to raid the piggy bank.

10gingercats in reply to Hylda

I believe it is now a common expectation of GPs that patients wait a very long time for treatment or are encouraged to raid the piggy bank .

Hylda in reply to 10gingercats

I think so too. Very lucky to have a piggy bank.

Maybe the arrhythmia nurse is away so your message has not been picked up, or the consultant is away so the computerised analysis of the recording has not been signed off.

Perhaps consider going to the hospital to locate the secretary and talk face to face. If you happened to have a brief “turn” and ask for a chair 🙂 that should get things moving.

Hylda in reply to Badger2021

Brilliant thinking, will give it a go.

A friend of mine used to do that.....suddenly take a 'turn'.....and...even did it in A and E.Far more effective than shouting!!

I never went to A&e with af but I was battling to get anticoagulant and GP waiting for letter from EP and all fobbing me off. So I had a strategy -was going to a&e and say I had AF episode and upset. I think I got myself so p...ed off with them all that I actually had a really bad episode in the A&E dept - ecg machine struggling and finally registered 240bpm. I was taken in, given a bed for the night and monitored. I made a big fuss about anticoagulants so the doctor on duty sorted it out there and then.

So start making noise.

Have caved in, broken open the piggy bank and have an appointment with EP on 23/10. Was becoming concerned as Flecainide wasn’t working so had no rhythm drug.


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