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Third pacemaker


I am about to have my third pacemaker fitted in 9 years. The first one was replaced due to a faulty wire connection. The replacement one was due to be inserted by the top man in such procedures and was to be smaller than the previous one. The week before the scheduled op he left the trust and the procedure was carried out by a locum doctor. The one he inserted was much larger than the original and looked very prominent in my chest (I am quite bony). When I saw my EP for the annual check-up he said he was concerned that it could break through the skin which would pose a huge problem. After consulting with a colleague it was agree that I should have a smaller one fitted and I have been put on the waiting list . I feel very worried about it this time. Has anyone else had a similar experience?

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What is it about having a smaller box put in that worries you? Even if there are no problems, the box has to be changed when the battery runs down, as I am sure you know. Other than the inconvenience, it doesn’t sound anything out of the ordinary to me.

I have had a permanent PM in the past which was later removed. I am likely to need another one.

Try not to worry, I believe these are routine proceedures. Just annoying the other dr put the big one in. Chin up 👍

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