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Painful stomach spasm after eating post ablation


Hi you lovely helpful people. Has anyone else experienced this? I had ablation 3 weeks ago, and know about the toe. Sometimes when I eat I get very painful spasms in the top of my stomach, just below the bit where my ribs join at the bottom..... a little bit relieved by burping, but really quite uncomfortable.

Thank you

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Yes quite common as we explain in our fact sheet on Recovering from Ablation. This is due to irritation of the oesophagus during the ablation and can usually be helped by normal indigestion remedies or short term use of a PPI. Speak to your arrhythmias nurse if you are worried.

shaldonkoolma in reply to BobD

Thanks Bob.

I was put on Lansoprazole for 2 months after my ablation a month ago to ensure I did not have this problem and it has worked for me as I have had no problems. Hope you get it sorted.

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