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Fear versus faith


Wow! From your responses to my last post on anxiety, I guess I hit a hot-button. And what is anxiety but a form of fear? Some might say that the opposite of fear is faith but that is not true. The opposite of fear is love. Fear is actually faith that has been misplaced. Or to use the acronym F alse

E vidence A ppearing R eal. When I first read the fact sheet on one of the meds I was given to control my AF the phrase "possible lethal consequences" appeared no less than four times! Obviously someone had a bad outcome. But do I want to believe that for myself? The "placebo effect" is well known to researchers. Give a patient a sugar pill and if they believe it is a wonder drug for their disease their condition will improve. In the spiritual teaching I subscribe to, we say that "thoughts are things" meaning that behind everything in the universe every object every life experience there is a mental cause. They say that up to 80% of all patient complaints in doctor visits have NO ORGANIC CAUSE. Certainly there are contributing factors in AF like obesity, sleep apnea, binge drinking excetera but are they really the root cause? In my own case, I know that my heart was broken for months if not years before my heart was broken. By that I mean that I was in deep despair over the outcomes in some important areas of my life long before the symptoms of AF showed up. The good news in all this is that if our thoughts can make us sick, our thoughts can also make us whole. In other words, we can choose where we place our faith. I for one choose to place faith in my innate wholeness, in positive outcomes, in a universe that is for me, never against me. The best doctors in the world don't cure anyone. They simply are adept in supporting the body's own healing mechanisms. I leave you with the words of Jesus, one of the greatest teachers and healers who ever lived, "it is done to you as you believe".

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"He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds " (Psalm 147:3) and may it be so for you!

Thanks, that's reduced my anxiety!

The vast majority of cases of PAF have an organic cause that can be demonstrated through electrophysiological studies. PAF causes anxiety and stress and PAF can be exacerbated by anxiety and stress Most illness will exhibit this relationship. If 80% of illness has no organic cause (A highly questionable claim) why doesn't God cut out the middle man (doctor) and stop us getting Ill in the first place?

I hope you stay well

Tesheron in reply to radagast58

Dear Radagast...

I didn't mean to suggest that AF has no organic cause although sometimes this is true. What I do mean to say is that even when an organic condition is present there is still an underlying mental cause. Think about the chair you are sitting on, for example. You might say that it came to be by workers assembling physical parts in a factory. True, but even before that it was an IDEA in the mind of the person who designed it. All of us Harbor deeply held beliefs about the nature of reality that simply are not true. And because we are out of alignment with the way the universe works, it can cause us pain, and yes even dis-ease. The Deep inner work then becomes uncovering those underlying beliefs and changing our minds about what is true. Simple but not easy. When we align our minds with the way the universe works, Our Lives work better in ways that can seem almost miraculous. Think of it as spiritual Chiropractic. You will notice that I made no reference to God in my posts. What I am talking about here is spiritual principle: the universe (or life if you prefer) responds to us by corresponding to our beliefs about it. Or put another way "there is a power for good in the universe and we can use it".

Be well. TT

I would think that this forum is not the place to spout religious beliefs. We all have opinions on this and believe me I have no intention of offending yours but please don’t offend mine.

Tesheron in reply to lallym

Dear Lallym...

When one subscribes to an open public forum such as this one, it is important to do so with an open mind. One of the benefits of such a venue is that we get to encounter ideas different from our own that challenge us. And frankly, I fail to see anything in my post that would cause you offense, unless you simply have a knee-jerk reaction to anything that smacks of religion or spirituality based on past negative experience. As far as this post being appropriate, even a surface read of posts here reveals that people are being eaten up by fear and anxiety which are in essence SPIRITUAL CONDITIONS. Of course there are physical solutions to these spiritual conditions (more meds anyone?) But the tools I provide here are superior because they have no side effects and they Empower people rather than the medical establishment. As an ordained minister working through the challenges of AF I am sharing both from my heart and from my area of expertise. I invite you to take a closer look at why this particular post offends you. Sometimes what we most resist is our best Way Forward.

Health to you and peace. TT

Are you an ordained Christian Minister

Tesheron in reply to radagast58

Actually I am an ordained minister of religious science. The name of our worldwide organization is centers for Spiritual Living. You can look it up under CSL.Org.

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