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Another Tip


I sat down on the side of the bed last night and immediately went into AF. Not happy as I'm usually so careful seeing as my AF is vagal as far as I'm concerned. Anyway, I still had it this morning. I've tried all the tips people have suggested for going back into sinus rhythm but none of them have worked for me. I felt my nose running a bit and so blew it, next thing I know I've gone back to sinus rhythm. It probably won't work next time but if it worked for me on this occasion it may be worth trying by others.

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I think anything that alters your/my body pressure/rhythm is worth a try. I'm starting a compilation list of "What works at the time - for Afib "! Volume (2) is out next week lol. The goal posts keep on moving 😠

Thanks for the tip Alan. It's certainly worth trying.

I've been wondering recently whether shallow breathing could start an AF attack. So many times, in the past, I've been sat quietly and absorbed in something and the AF has kicked off for no apparent reason. I wonder whether I, and others who get attacks when relaxing, forget to breathe correctly!


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Works for me Jean. I'm sure I hypo ventilate or even hold my breath a lot when I an concentrating hard on something.

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Yes, I have to watch holding my breath when typing something important at the keyboard - evidently common, so watch out if you have a busy day!

Thanks for top tip Alan , I'll give it a go next time. It saves taking the dreaded pip flecanide which use to leave me feeling groggy for the next 24hrs. I have two in my armoury already which work each time.

1 . Going for a walk normally 15mins to 1hr does the trick ,or if it's raining or late at night;

2. Two to three pints of lager brings me back to sinus rhythm.

Found the first one many many years ago on a site run by some Swiss or was it Swedish doctor.

The other one was when I was on holiday some years ago and I thought well I can drink as much as I like now because I was in AF already and it would help me get to sleep I never thought it would ever put me back to normal!

Just a few weeks back in Greece we were going out for our evening meal with friends and my heart went into AF so not to spoil the party I suggested having a couple of swift ones, it did the trick !

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That's the attitude I take. Back in July I went into AF early morning. I had a full day planned and so just got on with it. In the evening I went out for a few drinks not even thinking about the AF (I just get a little flutter in my stomach that reminds me I have it) and after a couple of drinks I suddenly realized I was back in sinus rhythm.

I once did a massive sneeze and immediately went back into normal rhythm. Since then, I've often tried to 'force' a big sneeze but it hasn't worked.... have even sniffed the cayenne pepper to try to induce a sneeze - the things we do when we're desperate haha :o)

If it is sunny look into the sun - always works for me!

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And for me too. However, here in NW England there aren't too many opportunities.

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Yes, I can imagine. Interestingly, looking into the sun also worked for both my children. When they were snuffly as babies I did the sun routine to clear their nose which it invariably did (sometimes spectacularly!)

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Try rubbing your tongue hard on the roof of your mouth, about 2cm behind your top teeth! - Be persistent - I find a sneeze always comes!

Suggestions: don't go to bed too tired and if you do the first thing you do when lying down is to take several deep breaths - I do it don't know why but just feel more comfortable that way. On reverting techniques, I am often concerned when having a violent sneeze which hasn't put me into AF to date but I wonder whether when in AF promoting a sneeze would revert you.

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I've thought that about cold sugary drinks. Taking one late evening is guaranteed to invoke AF. I really must try one when I'm in AF to see if has the reverse effect.

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Yes, a cold ginger beer drunk quickly brought AF on for me.

I've tried holding my nose and making my ears pop, and whilst it took the intensity of the fast AF off for a few minutes, it was still very much there afterwards :(

One of the known 'vagal manoeuvrers' is to used an old syringe (without the needle!) and try to blow it up through the narrow end. This should be done lying flat on your back and then your relaxed legs should then be raised to vertical by a companion. Sadly, it hasn't worked for me.

This may sound silly, but I've read elsewhere that if you make yourself sneeze that could interrupt pretty much anything your heart is doing. It might work with AFib too. I taught myself to sneeze about 30 years ago when I developed an autoimmune lung disease that made me feel like I had a tight band around my chest. Sneezing a couple times a day loosened that up and after a few months I no longer had that feeling. I still have a couple big sneezes everyday now, it just feels good to expand my lungs like that. You should be able to learn how to do it to, it simply involves tickling the area of the eyebrows or the inner side of the nose. Many women sneeze when they pluck their eyebrows, but you don't have to pluck to bring on a sneeze. Play around until you find the area of your eyebrow that causes a bit of a tingle, it may take some practice.

Sneezing several times works for me ! thinking of carrying a peeper shaker !

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