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Back in AF after second cardioversion 🙄 dronedarone didn't work. Yet I feel better in AF??

Hi all,

So I had a second cardioversion the first was in April it lasted 7 days. I had my second last week it lasted 8 days. I was put on dronedarone 400mg along with my usual bisoprolol 5mg and rivaroxaban 20mg. I was told to continue with the dronedarone until my follow up appointment although I read you shouldn't take the stuff when in AF? Apparently I could revert back into sinus rhythm while taking it but the thing is once I am in AF I stay in it. I haven't been diagnosed with a type of AF (to my frustration) but I'm pretty certain it's permanent, the EP doesn't think so but I disagree, here is why. I feel normal in AF I have breathlessness and do get dizzy but I feel like myself I feel I can run and lift weights and be active, yet in sinus rhythm I feel week and ill ? Has anyone else felt this way? Am i just more use to AF ? Or am i going mad ?? Apparently I have only had this strange disease since September 2016 but I feel I've always had it ?

Any feedback is most welcome I hope you are all well. Thank you guys.

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Firstly you do not have permanent AF. If you did you would not be be able to be cardioverted. You may have persistent AF yes .

There are some people who are not aware that they have AF and feel no "box of frogs" in their chest and maybe you are one of them. Lucky person of you are as many people here would love that.

One of UK's leading electrophysiologists has stated that ALL treatment for AF is only ever about improving QOL (quality of life) so if you prefer AF then so long as any stroke risk is managed by anticoagulation where appropriate and your rate is managed to a level where it does not risk damage to your heart then I can see your point.

Most DCCVs are done to see if the patient feels better in NSR and as a guide to future treatment.


Thanks BobD,

Well I say I feel better I don't feel great but I feel 80% and 50% in NSR although I haven't been in NSR long enough to know if I would feel better in say a few months. When you say persistent do you mean it comes and goes? Because my AF comes as in my HR goes haywire and it stays that way it doest revert back unless cardioverted. I do get the box of frogs as you described only when laying down though. I think I have just got use to being in AF. I am on beta blockers and anticoagulants I just wonder if it's worth staying in AF and using those instead of seeking further treatment ie ablation or more cardioversions ect.. I don't like the expectation and the coming let down of it all.


Persistent is defined as lasting more than seven days and requiring DCCV to return to NSR. Permanent can not be reverted.

In your case you need to consider if the drugs are the reason you feel bad or not.


Yes but I am constantly in AF I was for 4 months non stop until cardioverted. And If it is the medication causing me to feel like crap there doesn't seem to be an alternative. I mean i supposedly need anticoagulants and beta blockers to contain my AF?


Semantics maybe but you are only permanent if DCCV can not convert you. Paroxysmal comes and goes on its own . I agree that the solution is probably no different but then I'm not an EP.

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See your CHADSVASC2 score, to consider if you need anticoagulants. Beta blockers are intended to keep your heart rate below about 100 even when you are in AF. If it doesn't go above 100 then you may be able to decrease them - discuss with your doctor. After that it is down to Quality of Life as to whether you need them or not.




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