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Solatol experience??


I have “rare” afib events . None that last much more than a few minutes and am on Eliquis and Cardia, I seem to be doing ok . I am active and work a lot. Short of breath at times and tiredness on occasion. Supposed to admit to hospital tomoorw to start Solatol , but after much reading I DONT think I am ready for that. Can you all share your experiences . I am thinking of canceling . Indecisive .... please share.

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I’ve been on Sotalol for over a year and I haven’t had any notable side effects. That said, my aggressive arrhythmias don’t want to be tamed. I started on 40mg twice a day, then it was upped to 80mg x 2 after a cardioversion for atrial flutter, then upped to 120mg x 2 after being hospitalised with a prolonged AF episode. I had an AFib and AFlutter ablation 2 weeks ago and have had ongoing problems so I’m now on 160mg x 2 (max dose) plus Digoxin. I have previously been on Verapamil and Flecainide. I’m not sure what is next.

SST1981 in reply to Kaz747

Thank you for your quick response ! I guess I feel that I am just “bad enough “ to go to the next level. Wondering if going Solatol is more preventative at the point I am at. My events are 3-4 a month and las for minutes and most I don’t even know I am having. I think the dr just wants me in there because I have met my insurance deductible 😳

Kaz747 in reply to SST1981

I’ve had daily issues with some pretty bad episodes this year that have put me in hospital. Are you in the US?

I am on sotalol ... smallest dose ... no issues whatsoever. Simply started it per drs instructions ... no stay in hospital. In US.


Here in UK Sotalol is not recommended for treatment of AF by NICE the national body which advises on and approves treatments. It can induce some unwanted other arrhythmias I understand and there are much better drugs which can be used in most cases. One occasionally finds EPs who will prescribe but unusual.

I took Sotalol for 8 years for paroxysmal AF, building up to a fairly large dose of 80mgs three a day. I had no problems though eventually it was not effective. Although mine did not, some cardiologists start Sotalol in hospital to monitor for any dangerous heart rhythms caused by the Sotalol.

I have been on Sotalol for two years or more, 80mg twice a day, and also as PIP. Prescribed by cardiologist and did not have to stay in hospital.

In the UK Sotolol is no longer recommended by NICE as a treatment for Lone AF, it’s a drug I said no to and glad I did.

Treatment for AF after anti-coagulation is purely to treat symptoms so if you aren’t symptomatic my reasoning is why would you want to take a potentially toxic drug? I know many people find it helps, and if it does fine.

Personally I have found the affects of the drugs far worse than the AF itself so if I were in your position, it would be a no from me.

I was on Sotalol and couldn’t tolerate it at all. I was extremely breathless, fatigue and horrible cramps in my legs, eventually I had to take amiodarone which was worse. After my ablation I am on Bisoprolol and have minimum side effects. Hope you get on ok 👍

My EP in UK, put me onto sotalol November 2017 and I am now on the waiting list for ablation. I understand that I shall be given it as a PIP after ablation.

I believe these are the NICE recommendations for using Sotalol for the prophylaxis of PAF

And also NHS approved

It can be quite upsetting and cause unnecessary anxiety to be told on this site that it is not NICE recommended, undermining ones required implicit trust in their cardiac treatment.

If in doubt ask your cardiac team/EP/arrhymia nurse and question the NICE recommendations for this drug .

Two years ago the cardiologist at Hammersmith Hospital wanted to put me on Sotalol and looked quite astonished when I told him it wasn't recommended by NICE and said many of their patients, and not just his, were on Sotalol. At the time I was taking part in a national study of various methods of treating AFib sufferers. I still refused and was given flecainide, 100mg a day. I went to my outstanding GP and told him how unhappy I was taking flecainide daily when I was only having episodes every few months, and he agreed and told me to take it as a PIP. My episodes have increased to one every couple of months but flecainide still gets me back in NSR.

CDreamer in reply to irene75359

I do think there is a valid case for believing that many are being over medicated for AF and I think a lot of people are of this mindset. I took Flecainide as a PIP fo some years and it was very successful at stopping episodes. When episodes became too frequent I took daily doses which again worked for a while. I would choose Flecainide over Sotolol or Bisoprolol any day but we are all different and tolerate different drugs.

Edm174 in reply to CDreamer

Hi CDreamer I had to take sotalol before my cv and I felt better on it than I did bisoprosol? But as soon as CV failed they stopped sotalol and back on bisoprosol?? Looks like I’m in permanent AF so not sure which meds will work ??

CDreamer in reply to Edm174

It is very much trial and error and if you become persistent or permanent than unfortunately none of the drugs will work, you will stay in AF however many people say they can live very well in permanent AF and say they don’t notice it and it is not nearly as symptomatic as being in NSR and then having episodes which come and go. It is amazing how the body is able to adjust.

If you ar still symptomatic and ablation is not an option or didn’t work then Pace and Ablate is an option. I had Pacemaker implanted 4 weeks ago now, although I wasn’t in persistent AF but getting near there and having episodes every other day, I have found I have felt much better since the implant. I can still feel bumps and thumps but I’m not getting the dreadful, debilitating affects such as low BP, feeling faint etc,

Edm174 in reply to CDreamer

Thank you for your reply so glad you are feeling much better !! It’s so scary having AF I don’t have many symptoms which is good !! Here’s hoping I can just take the medication and just keep moving on with my life !

irene75359 in reply to CDreamer

If my episodes become too frequent I am hoping to take the same path - minimum dosage where possible.

I’ve been on Sotalol since 2010 (started in the hospital). I take 80mg twice daily. I was off of it after 2nd ablation, but back on it after a year. I have had no problems with this medication. I’m in California.

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