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Omega-3 oils and bisoprolol - Article in the Times

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I read an article in the Times yesterday (25 Sept) that amongst other 'health supplements', Omega-3 fish oil supplements can affect bisoprolol. The comments come from some research at the University of Hertfordshire and were published in the British Journal of General Practice. I've uploaded the article as a photo.

Just wondered if anyone had any further knowledge or thoughts on this?

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Very interesting, thanks for posting a photo of the article as well.

I take a variety of supplements including omega-3 fish oil and garlic. However, I also monitor my blood pressure and INR regularly. I mentioned what I took to one of the GPs at our practice and he thought it was fine but I got the distinct impression I knew more than him! It would be interesting to see what difference it would make should I stop the supplements or the bisoprolol.

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