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Confirm RX ICM w/ MyMerlin Mobile App Heart Monitor

Hello everyone! Is there anyone out there who has the "CONFIRM RX ICM WITH THE MYMERLIN MOBILE APP" implanted heart monitor? I just had it inserted on Wednesday, and I have questions.


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That sounds like a message on a screen rather than the monitor type, possibly contact your ep or doctor to check things out?


Was it only your specific device you wanted to ask about? I believe quite a few have had the Reveal implantable monitor.




I'm intrigued by the name of this device, and wait to see if anyone helps you. Sorry I can't assist.


I've just read the link posted by oyster Maybe that might answer some of your questions? Failing that, why not contact whoever inserted the device?

I must say, this device seems to be an improvement on the Reveal device I had inserted 2 and a bit years ago - it's very small and doesn't need the patient assist 'dongle' nor the bedside transmitter to convey results to the clinician …. just an app on your own smart mobile. Very cool!


This is the link to the actual monitor:


My questions are not about the monitor itself, but I'm trying to find out which parameters EPs use to trigger recordings. I know somewhat what mine are, but I am wondering if each EP sets them differently.


I've had one in since February. It is programmed to activate if my heart rate goes over 180 bpm or below 50 bpm for 12 beats. It has never picked up anything as my heart usually goes up to around 165 bpm. I can self activate but the app seems to have trouble connecting to the monitor so pretty much a waste of time for me! Hope you have better luck with yours.


Omg! You are voicing my fears!

I can almost always feel myself go into AFIB and know when my rate is super high because it feels like a fish flopping on a fishing line right in the center on my chest plus I get pain in my neck. I have the AliveCor app too, and have measured rates above 200 since the implantation procedure. This implant is simply not picking them up and recording them. It did pick up something yesterday, but I'm not sure what it was because it was not at a time when my rate was high so I'm thinking it was another low although I didn't feel it. I've been getting 30s which is a scary feeling.

I have an appointment on Wednesday for a follow up so I'm going to have to advocate strongly for a reprogram or something.

Something isn't right. That's for sure!


Hi cdterra

I'm afraid I have no faith in this device. I have been collapsed on the floor with my heart vibrating and barely able to stay conscious and it still hasn't picked up anything. Even the times it manages to connect when I self activate it either shows nothing or just sinus tachycardia so it makes me look like a liar.

At my last cardiologist visit my heart had been going in and out all day and when he manually felt my pulse it was really high so he immediately sent me to the ecg dept to get a tracing but unfortunately it had stabilised and they didn't catch anything. Typical!

I've been diagnosed with inappropriate sinus tachycardia because nothing has shown up on the Confirm implant but I'm sure there is something else going on that hasn't been captured.

I don't know anyone else with a Confirm implant. I believe I was the first to get it at my hospital and that it was only used as it was a free trial from the company. Maybe someone else on here has had better results and could let us know.

If you have the Alivecor app can your doctor interpret the results from that as it seems to be more reliable.


Hi Katdralion

Forgive me if I am insulting your intelligence, but you do have Bluetooth activated on your phone?


Hi Katdralion

Surely the pacemaker technicians can reset the parameters for you. Reading the manual, it looks straightforward enough to do it yourself. Not that I am suggesting you should 🙂

Did you have this done on the NHS?


I'm actually in the United States, in Massachusetts. I just wanted to be sure I wasn't crazy.


Hi. Yes I did know that. I was replying to Katdralion.

As for you being crazy, well ... you did say you lived in the woods near Salem. Or am I mixing you up with someone else! 🤔


Hi oyster

I asked the nurse if it could be reset but was told no as it would pick up too much information. I don't have a smartphone so I was given a phone by the rep with the app already installed but I cannot change anything myself. I was also given a helpline number and have called numerous times but they were unable to explain why the app won't connect or offer any help. I was just told to try again next time I have any symptoms. Not very reassuring.

Yes, I did have it done on the NHS IN Scotland

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Hi Katdralion

If I had the MyMerlin app I would find it hard to resist playing with the settings. Probably get in to frightful trouble with Ms Sturgeon. 🙂

On the other hand you could email your EP, who wouldn’t be happy that the device was not being allowed to do it’s job for want of the techs not yet being familiar with how to set it up appropriately for your specific needs.


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