Does anyone else have pain with AF episode?

Everytime I go into AF I have left arm and jaw pain. My EP/Cardiologist says that is the nature of my "syndrome". I was just wondering if others have this problem and how you deal with the fear of a heart attack? I have had 3 angiograms and they were all clear.

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  • Yes I have excrutiating pain when I have mega AF attacks. Arm jaw and heart and in my abdomen too. It even spreads to my calves and feet. I need intravenous morphine to get through it. It is horrendous. The fear of a heart attack is ever present during these big attacks. I sympathise with your concerns. I don't really have a coping strategy and just rely on the hospital to do the best they can for me at the time. I tell myself admission to cardiac care unit is as safe as it can be for me at such times.

    Less vicious episodes I manage with fkecainide pill in the pocket, fear is a constant problem having such mega episodes. As you say we all experience this af problem differently some have few troublesome attacks others violent ones and all sorts in between.

  • Thank you for your response, its awful to feel like the only one who has a problem, although I wouldn't wish it on anyone its nice to not feel so alone.

  • I have had pain in my chest, neck and jaw during attacks and last time even for some time afterwards in my mouth - that was weird! I also have clear angiograms but I was told there are conditions which cause angina even though the main arteries are clear.

    You are certainly not alone 💜

  • Well they can't find anything wrong with my heart and I think I have had every test there is, nuclear medicine thallium test (which I threw a false positive twice) echo's and even a trans-esophageal echocardiogram, echo-stress test, and long and short monitors. So far have never had any after effects from the episodes. Sometimes this whole thing just rules my life. :o(

  • I used to have this reaction to AF as well and its scared me so very much but (fingers crossed) now I have a pill in the pocket to take when I have an attack this doesn't seem to happen. It is very scary but nothing out of the ordinary.

    Hope you get it all sorted soon.

  • If you don't mind me asking, what do you take?  My Cardiologist has never suggested anything.

  • I am on Verapramil every day plus Warfarin and my P in the P is Flecainide 100 mg which is the one that has helped so much.  My attacks used to last for up to 12 hours and I was always at A&E as I was so scared- they used to fill me with the dreaded Bisoprolol but then I saw an EP who put me on the above and its over a year now that I have been using the PiP and I am so much better  (long may it last).

    Hope this helps and please ask away that's what we are all on here for, information.

  • how frequent now you have the episodes?

  • since my ablation in July, every two months and then Jan, Feb and March

  • very rarely - maybe two short attacks this year both stopped about and hour and a half after taking Flecainide, but as we know everyone is different and maybe I am just lucky.

  • I used to have pain in chest down arm doc put me on imdur and have been much better

  • Yes I get chest pain which spreads to my arm and jaw very frightening when this happens Drs have prescribed ranolozine which reduces the effect of the pain. Dr explained it's the heart and surrounding muscle going into spasm that causes the pain. I have tried mindfulness as a strategy for keeping calm which does help but is very difficult when the pain is really bad

  • thank you for your post. I helps knowing I am not a lone.

  • Thanks for your post.  My pain is never unbearable, just an ache.  I am going to take the mindfulness class for these episodes.

  • Yes... I have that too. Think it is referred discomfort from the vagus nerve....I have a squeezing sensation on both sides of my jaw.  EP says I am all right as long as I am on warfarin...

  • My episodes of AF are so variable. I've had some with chest, arm and jaw pain, not been able to breathe properly and others when I can almost continue to function normally. Keeping calm helps but it's not easy. 

  • I too have severe chest pain with AFIB. Goes into my left arm and I get dizzy and sweat. It is very scary. I asked my cardiologist why I hurt and some didn't and he really didn't have a very good answer. Just that some people have blue eyes and some have brown. I had an ablation one year ago but still have attacks 2 or 3 times a month. He wants to do another ablation or try me on Tykeson. I had triple bypass surgery in 1998 so I think that might be why I hurt. I don't go to ER now ( I used too, but now I on blood thinner and was told it would not kill me), as it usually only last 4 to 24 hours. Good luck and if you get a good answer for that I would love to know also.

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