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1 week after Cryoblation procedure.

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Its 7 days since my first ablation, I've just been pottering around the house really, taking it easy and staying occupied with reading and TV. My groin has healed well and apart from a huge bruise there's no issues with the site at all.

My heart has been in NSR mostly, yesterday and this morning I've been having runs of palpatations on and off, they are different though as in they feel less severe than before although still a nuisance. My resting pulse used to hover around 55 but since the procedure it's now 70-80 ish. The bpm doesn't rise when the irregular rhythm starts which is good.

I don't think anything that's happened this week is unusual, pretty much what I expected, I just wish the intermittent irregular runs would stop but I know it's very early days yet. I feel happy that I took the ablation decision and I'm hoping in the coming weeks to report to you all that I'm improving gradually, it's a waiting game and I'm trying to be patient.

Have a good day/weekend all and stay well 👍

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All sounds normal.....patience will pay off in the long run......

Thanks for letting us know how you are. It sounds like you're doing well, long may that continue.

Wishing you well.


Thank you Jean, I hope you are feeling well... Regards Dave.

Yes, I'm fine, thanks and have been almost three months in sinus rhythm now. If my AF comes back like it did last year in October, then I'll be giving great thought as to why that should happen.

Lets hope the good times continue for you, that's great to hear!

Sounds pretty normal, and pretty good.

you are healing, your heart has taken a real pummeling so just give it time. It took me 3 moths to start to feel like i did pre ablation. I still have runs of palpitations (18 months +), but as off putting as they are I try and tell myself not to worry and just ride them out.

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Cheers Mike, good advise which I'm on board with 👍

Best news. Stay well and don’t over due it. Rest rest rest.

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Thanks I will .... I hope you are ok?

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We are all doing our best to sent Afib packing on a one way trip!!! Keep us posted.

So glad you feeling better Long may it continue

Thank you! Keep well too 👍

All sounds familiar, took me three weeks after ablation to feel normalish (never was normal😂) keep taking things easy. Good luck.


Thanks Brenda! Hope you are keeping well 😊

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