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Flecainide....weight gain?


Hello . I have been on flecainide, and bisoprolol for a few years. Do any of you that are on flecainide gain weight with this med? I feel if I didn,t eat at all I would still gain weight.. frustrating. I feel it also gives me phlegm and a cough that disturbed people around me. I eat healthy and like a bird. Any insite into this problem would be helpfull ....thank you.


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If you look to the right of the screen you'll see another post heading 'Weight gain and Flecainide'. I've just had a quick look through the replies to that post and it seems as if weight gain is by no means an uncommon problem for people taking this medication.

I know other medications prescribed for AF (eg bisoprolol and diltiazem) also cause weight gain - at least for some of us.

I wish I knew what the solution to the problem might be. I have put on 1.5 stones over the last couple of years and (for me) it seems to be a combination of the medication - firstly bisoprolol and then diltiazem - coupled with a lack of stamina and energy compared with pre-AF days so that I can no longer do the sort of exercise that I used to do (various cardio keep fit classes, power-walking, lane swimming) Advancing age probably has something to do with it too! In the past I always used to think loosing weight wasn't rocket science - just eat less/more healthily and exercise more, but now …….

I know the AF 'experts' say that getting your weight down to the 'recommended' BMI reduces the AF burden, but I have yet to hear any of them actually get to grips with the problem of medication and weight gain.

Hi I have been taking a medium dose of Flec for 4+ years with no weight gain, I would look for the cause of the issue elsewhere.

I am on flecainide and my weight crept up but I had been this heavy before on no meds. Joined Slimming World and have lost a stone over 6 months but hard work staying there. I eat from boredom.

Bisoprolol is the culprit for me. One of the reasons I was trying to change it for another BB

Thank all of you for your insite on flecanide weight gain. It is a columdrum. Marney

I think bisoprolol is more likely to be the culprit. I believe it is on a list of medication that does encourage weight gain. I am on flecanide and bisoprolol and have not gained weight but have to be more careful than I used to be. On the otherhand it could be because I am getting older and dontdo as much carxiovascular exercise as I used to for fear of setting off AF.

I was travelling on the tube to meet The Gang at the Ev cafe meet up last weekend. I was horrified that a 40ish year old lady offered me her seat.......maybe it was because she saw my medialert bracelet, it couldnt possibly be because I looked my age....could it? Careful with comments ease. X

Both Bisoprolol and Flecainide were responsible for my 2 stone weight gain over 1 year.I am a dog walker so always on the go but could not shift the weight. I was swapped from Bisoprolol to Atenolol due to side effects and lost 5 pounds in 4 months. I then had an ablation in April and I came of Flecainide at end of May and have now lost over a stone. So both seem to blame. I am due to stop the Atenolol so will be interesting to see if I can shift any more weight.

I gained weight when I added Flecainide to my med regimen of beta blocker & anticoagulent. It also had the effect of lowering my HR from around 60 to 45, and I always felt tired.

I had an ablation 2 months ago that so far is appearing successful - no afib activity, and my HR increased to 55-60, as is typical post ablation, to be a bit faster. I was walking 2 miles daily but still not losing weight, so I finally joined weight watchers and have lost 8 lbs over 5 weeks so far. It was just what I needed to make a shift.

I'm eager for October to come as I can discontinue the Flec at that time (12 weeks post ablation), and will come off the beta blocker at 6 months. Interested to see how that will feel - and hopeful I'll have more energy.

Good luck! I know some of us have more difficulty with meds than others. I decided to go ahead and have the ablation because I felt so slowed down with the meds. Truly it's a quality of life issue - finding the way that works best for us.

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