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Operation OHS


Hello all you lovely people, and especially those that spoke with me about my son having his op at Glenfield, just had news from him and they are coming home ,, apparently the machine has broken although I don’t know what machine, so,now we have to wait and then go thru all that again. Any thank you for replying to my posts, talk about stress!!! Sann x

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Hope all goes well, take care. X

sann in reply to meadfoot

Thank meadfoot,most appreciate x

Oh how awful. I really feel for you.

sann in reply to TamlaMotown

Yes it was a bit of a shock, now the awful wait again and stress which we all can do without thank you Sann x

Hidden in reply to sann

But next time it won't be as stressful because you'll be half expecting it to be cancelled again.

Sorry to hear that Sann. Yes, things like that certainly add to the stress. I would comfort myself with the fact that the machine could have broken down during the procedure, your son just wasn't destined to have it done today. He'll have luck next time.


Never thought of it that way, thank you for keeping me going, all of you AF people are wonderful and always there to help, thank you all my friends xx Sann

So sorry that has happened, hope it go’s ahead very soon. The technology today is so complicated the slightest mishap will stop operations going ahead. I suppose better safe than chance accidents.

sann in reply to CDreamer

Thank you

Yes you are right, but no so good when the patient is so frightened , so hope it won’t be too long before he gets it done, thanks CDreamer, I’ve calmed down now but I know I will be all agitated again Sann x

So sorry you have got to go through all the worry again. I have used a great mp4 Dr Mark Tyrell autohypnosis preparing for surgery. It really helped me. hypnosisdownloads.com/healt.... I keep my anxiety down by believing things happen for a reason ( a bit barmy but it helps me)

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