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AF Question, as I'm asymptomatic


Hi all,

I am a long time lurker, . As I said in the title I'm asymptomatic with permanent AF. When originally diagnosed my rate was 70 -120 and I was put on Warfarin and 5mg Bisoprolol. After a scan (?) the nurse told me that it was 70 -130 and that I should speak to my GP about increasing the Bisoprolol. The doctor asked me how I would feel about doubling the dose to 10mg, I said that I would feel more comfortable going to 7.5mg first and then taking a decision about a further increase later.

I am thinking about buying a Kardia machine so that I can monitor things myself and then give the information to my GP. What do other people in my position do and do you think that the Kardia machine is right for the purpose that I intend using it?



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My only question is why bother if you are asymptomatic? Yes it will give you rate and tell you that you are in AF and produce an ECG but then you know that. Most people who buy them are looking for confirmation when and if they are in AF. Personal opinion only of course.

If you are in permanent AF then not sure how appropriate Kardia is for you. Most of us use it to check if we are in AF as sometimes the erratic beat can be difficult to diagnose. We also then have evidence of AF to show doctor.

There are simpler(cheaper) gadgets i think, if you just want to keep an eye on heart rate.

I'm in persistent AF and also generally asymptomatic. As others have said why bother with Kardia as you already know you're in AF. I purchased a blood pressure monitor that detects AF and keeps a history of my BP and heart rate. Works for me.

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Stucoo, thank you for your reply. Could you please tell me which bp monitor that you use? Thanks, Neil

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Hi, it's a Omron M6 Comfort. I find it easy to use and accurate.

Cheers, Stuart

Hi Stuart, thank you. Neil

I too am in persistant AF. Sometimes asymptomatic but seem to be getting more symtons recently. I like above use a heart rate monitor so I can see blood pressue and heart rate, works fine for me. Have you tried the 10 mg if biso yet, I take 5 mg which I can tolerate fairly well but over that dose is a no no for me, get alsorts of nasty effects.

Hi Cassie46, I am still on 7.5mg as I don't want to make any change without knowing where I am in relation to my bp etc. Thanks, Neil

I am so glad I came across this thread. I have an electronic blood pressure cuff and a finger pulse oximeter. I take multiple readings and from that try to get an average and on the finger I watch it for one minute and write down the rates. This is what the nurse told me to do. As we all know it is impossible to take a heart rate by just holding the wrist and counting! So my challenge is that my rates are NOT correct. I am wearing an event monitor for 30 days and the rate I get on the blood pressure cuff does not match at all. For instance I get 68-70 and when I call in on the heart monitor nightly they tell me 90-100! I am glad I am staying at under 100, but I just wonder what I should do after I must turn in the heart (event) monitor. Any suggestions? What do most people do to check their heart rate?

Hi all, thank you so much for your input and saving me wasting my money on the Kardia. Thanks, Neil

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