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Home testing for Warfarin

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Hi everyone! Another warfarin question!!

I've been told that I would be able to test my INR at home.

Does anyone use a INR machine to test their levels at home? And if so how did you get hold of a machine?

Thanks in advance :)

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Who told you and did they offer you any support?

Recent NICE guidelines to GPs states that patients wishing to self test should be supported in this but there are no specific instructions as to how.

Machines are available to buy for about £300 I think and this latest edict means that CCGs should now supply the strips under prescription and support dosage. Until now many CCGs have refused to support self testing although the more enlightened ones have.

My own centre is still deciding how they will deal with this and various suggestions have included renting machines to patients who they feel capable and responsible enough to manage their warfarin themselves. Many are sadly not!

At present it is common for patients who self test to ring in with their INR and have their future dose calculated for them. I doubt that this will change materially although I know of people here who not only bought their own machines but also adjust their own dose. My problem with this is that the computer program used where I have tests done does not account for rising or falling INRs so one can (unless a human brain intervenes) rise steadily out of range or fall the other way.

I guess since we are all different that some people will be able to and benefit from self testing whilst others will continue to flounder and for those it would be probably better to switch to NOACs anyway.

Purely personal opinions of course.

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pattiannj in reply to BobD

I bought my Coaguchek machine on the Internet £300 & my surgery support the accessories I do self medicate & my practice nurse is available if I need help. I bought the machine because I am in the U.S. regularly - my daughter lives there There is a thread on here about it & information on the AF website

I use a Coaguchek and it's brilliant. It helps me stay in the right INR range.

Here's the site where you can buy it:


It's £299 assuming you don't pay VAT as you're on long term warfarin.

I encountered hassle from my surgery when they initially refused to supply the strips - and they are not cheap. Add the cost of the machine and it's a significant investment. I eventually managed to bring pressure to bear on the surgery via my local Care Commissioning Group. I wrote to the Group Chairman informing him that I wanted to speak at their next public meeting about post code lotteries. I got a call from my surgery to say they would pay for the strips just two days later!

However........ with no regrets whatsoever, I changed from warfarin to Apixaban, the best of the NOACs, and all that hassle - and a lot more - simply melted away.

Highly recommended!

Hi, I have a coagchek machine and it's the best thing and saves me from being way from work for several hours every few weeks. If you choose to buy a machine you can buy them on interest free credit over two years which means you will pay £12.50 a month, which for the convenience and time saved is great value to me. My GP (East Berkshire) are very supportive and provide test strips on prescription. Good luck.

As you can see, arrangements differ depending on where you live. But have you considered a NOAC instead. No hassle.

Thanks for all your comments guys.

I was told by the clinic that do my INR that i could do it myself....I'd love to its affording the machine that worries me!!

Does anyone know if you're able to hire them?

My trouble is I'm starting uni in a few weeks and don't really want to be late for lectures/placements because I've got to go for regular tests!!

Also do you have to be regularly checked if you're on any other anticoagulants?

As you can see I haven't been given much information!!! :)

I too self test but go to inr clinic about every 3 months to ensure machine is giving correct readings. I spend time in France and Ireland so this makes it much easier.

I adjust my dose if necessary or adjust my intake of spinach, broccoli etc.

It is an excellent product and improves quality of life.

I have been offered this home testing kit including the machine from my GP and hopefully will receive it within the next few months. I don't have to pay for anything it's all supplied and monitored by the surgery.

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Rellim296 in reply to Lainie2875

Lucky you! My surgery were not even going to pay for the lancets!

So wrong, where do you live I come under Bradford / Airedale I didn't know anything about it till my GP offered to put me on list for it.

I get priority as I am under 65 and still working apparently.

My wife and I both test at home. Our cardiologist made the arrangements with PhilipsRemote Cardiac Services, Windsor, CT. 800-367-1095. It's very easy. We take our INR once a week and report it to Philips. They inturn notify the cardiologistof the results. Very easy.

Received mine last week, you can find the company under Coagucheck,online. Payment can be interest free for 12 or 24 months. Comes with loads of info plus DVD.

When I bought mine in March the cheapest (by far in some cases) was from the manufacturer's direct (Roche) although often buying things direct is more expensive!!!! Also they sold without VAT as a long term Warfarin user.

We live in Wales, our Surgery is New Quay Surgery are our practice (16 miles round trip) we recently bought privately a Coagucheck (£300) but our Quacks categorically told us NO FREE TEST Strips for self testing, so we have had to re-mortgage to buy them 24 at a time for £69, ok so I only use them at three week intervals, at £2.88 each, but usually the first strip fails so it costs £5.76 a time. Government now say we are taking 1000 poor refugees, fine but what about Charity Starting at Home ?

You are saving money by buying the strips!!! At 40p per mile (which is well below the calculated cost of running a car) a round trip would cost you £6.40 but a strip only costs £2.88. If you only do it on petrol which is a fallacy then it will cost you more. Also do you have to pay for car parking? If yes that will save even more by doing self testing.

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