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Update on Kardia picking up inverted t waves


Some of you might remember my having a sudden kardia trace of inverted t waves

I sent it to my Cardiologist who arranged an ECG then followed this with a treadmill test which he wasn't happy with.

I Have just had a Angiogram that showed a blockage of 75% so this just goes to show that the Kardia isn't just for detecting AF

I would not have known if I didn't own this device.

Does anyone have any knowledge of coronary heart disease coexisting with AF

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Inverted T waves are commonly ectopic beats but well done for having the tests. AF can be side effect of other cardiac issues but these would normally be found at first diagnosis when tests are done. I had the full gamut of tests including stress test when I was diagnosed for example. Guess you now have a stent or two.

A great many people have lone AF where there are no cardiac issues by the way.

fairgo45 in reply to BobD

Hi Bob

You are right it could have been nothing much at all for example an electrolyte problem or lack of vitamin b

My tests were all normal so that's why I had further investigations just have read on here that Kardia only detects AF and wanted to let people know if does detect so much more


While I'm pleased that Kardia was instrumental in getting this diagnosis, still sorry for you . So what happens now ?

I'm sure you will get quite a few responses to your question re CHD and AF.

Do let us know how you get on.

Best wishes


Ps..i always send any suspicious Kardia readings for analysis...probably overdo it a bit but that's me !

fairgo45 in reply to Hidden

The next step for me is to have an FFR

This is a wire inserted via the groin to get a more in-depth view of type of blockages that the angiogram can't show as there were 4 in total

Thanks for your comments and keep using your kardia to look for any unusual traces

Good and bad news I guess......hooray for Kardia and your cardiologist but sorry about the CHD.

Thank you Buffafly very kind remakes

My husband is in permanent AF with no particular symptoms ( since 2012) at present . He had an MI in 2005 with 3 stents inserted and has been told this probably contributed to AF because of area of heart affected. However long before the MI ( about 6 years) he had one episode of AF which resolved after 3 days as he was about to start warfarin ( had no treatment or investigations, and we didn't know enough to query then) must have been about 1995. He has also been told that the 2005 MI was not his first so had at some point had a "silent" event. Hey ho. Reassuring bit is he is happy and able to do all he wants to.

fairgo45 in reply to Bagrat

I know I Haven't had a silent mi and that the AF came first as I said I wouldn't even have known about the blockages were or not for the Kardia there were no symptoms whatsoever

I'm happy that your husband has gone on to lead a normal life despite permanent af and stents looks like i will be the same as him although ive had 3 ablations as well and am now worried about having stents how much poking about can a heart put up with

Bagrat in reply to fairgo45

Stents are even more straightforward now than they were then. It will be a great reassurance that they found the problem. Best wishes Wendy b

fairgo45 in reply to Bagrat

Thanks Wendy let's hope your right

Yes I have CHD and now persistent AF. Had stents 2002 was also officially diagnosed with AF at the same time, although I had AF about 5 years before that had never been able to get to see anyone while it was happening ,a familiar story to many I believe.

CHD has never given me any more problems since treated in 2002,

AF is a different kettle of fish,but life is good if a lot slower.

fairgo45 in reply to Fastbeat

Your story is reasurring your stents have served you well

AF is very hard to cure and after 15 years of trying everything I don't believe it is curable only manageable

Glad we could help. Yes, there is an association of AF with coronary disease just as there is with hypertension and diabetes.

fairgo45 in reply to DrDave01

That's interesting so they can coexist

I don't have diabetes or high blood pressure or high cholesterol

I do have family history of heart disease but am the only one in the family with AF

Your a genius inventing the Kardia years before I couldn't catch an episode for a long time these days it's easy to capture it on Kardia and my Cardiologist has bought them for his patients to borrow he's so impressed with it

This is Dr. David Albert (inventor of the Kardia). I would appreciate it if you would email me at drdave@alivecor.com Thank you for sharing your story. Regards. David

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