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Almost Ablation time


This time tomorrow I should be in the cath lab, fast asleep having my AFib and AFlutter ablations. Not looking forward to tomorrow or the early weeks of recovery but I am looking forward to feeling better down the track, getting off these horrible drugs and getting on with my life.

I have to be at the hospital at 6.45am so it will be a struggle getting out of bed early. 😴😴

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Your gonna do great!!!! So excited for you!!!!!

Best wishes for tomorrow.

Hope it all goes well for you, remember plenty of rest afterwards it can really make a difference.


You will do just great 🙌

All will go great Frightening I know I would be the same but think how great your going to feel later along the journey xx

The procedure is nothing to worry about. You’ll be fine.

Do take care to take it easy in the recovery period, particularly if you’re used to being active. I tripped up on this ☹️

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Me too.

I think you'll be on here tomorrow reporting how well it all went. Best wishes.



Hope all goes well and don't forget all out advice about recovery.

Best wishes and hope all goes well for you, slow and steady after. The procedure itself is far easier for you than for the EP - you will be in Lala land.........

You will look back and wonder why you were worried! Easy to say with hindsight I know but has become such a routine procedure for the team who will make you feel relaxed and probably have a joke or two. Onwards and upwards.

Hope it went well 💛

Hope to hear from you very soon, take it easy!

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