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I don't know if there is anyone medically trained on here, but am a bit worried,have to see doc on Thursday, recent bloods show raised creatinine and urea my EGfr dropped again to 42. I had no kidney probes until I was put on Apixaban for PAF and Atriel flutter. Just wondered if anyone else has had this problem .

8 Replies

Hello Flo... I had similar result with my bloods - the creatinine and uric acid were high but no one dealt with it even though I pointed it out... I’d be very interest to hear how you get on with your investigations...



Thank you will let you know outcome.


There's a kidney disease forum on HU on which you may get a better response to your query:


Thank you very much will have a look.


Yes. My kidney results are like that. They just keep an eye on it.

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Diagnosis can never really take place without a full history looking at the whole of the picture and the patient

Looking at the drugs they are on etc

What I am trying to say u need to go back to your doctor if u have worries about the kidney blood test so he can do a full investigation ask questions and refer to urologist if need be

The fact u are worried because yiur kidney test showing out of the norm values is a brilliant thing

Because it’s not normal and your body is telling u something is not right not saying anything is seriously wrong it may be an Acute situation but it certainly is something u should not leave and need to find out why

Do not leave it because down the linee u might get a problem with yiur kidneys so u are right to address this now and it’s quite worrying to see responses say that they also have this and sounds like they left it 🙈

It could well be the medicine u are in so u can take responsibility for your heallth and start researching for yourself

Do not let anyone tell u this is normal 🌸


The eGFR is the key figure. Your reading is quite low and creatinine is not being cleared properly so it should be taken seriously. I would see my GP and ask for a referral.

Low readings are associated with AF. My eGFR which was borderline improved after my ablation, although my creatinine has always been quite low anyway.


The reason you we are having these blood tests is because apixaban is processed by the kidneys and can affect them. I would go back to go and ask to see consultant you may need to change to other anticoagulant.


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