Amiodarone or sunshine??????

Morning all. have noty been on for a while as the episodes of Af were so often and the chest pain so bad I would have been on here for some time. Anyway one perticular bad episode I had last weekend *(always weekend) pain was very severe. Sent for ambulance then off I went to A & E. Then on to assessment ward then to a ward. Not happy as I always come home following day. Cardiac consultant came to see me, (who was thinking of a pacemaker months ago) decisded to put me on Amiodarone and keep me monitored for 48 hours. Now I find I cannot sit in the sun any more while I am taking these new drugs. fed up to the teethh because at my age not got much to look forward to except waiting for the sun to shine, what is the point ij going away abroad if i cannot sit in the sun. Sorry to go on but has anyone experienced this problem and got around it.

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  • Hello and welcome back. I find the heat very exhausting and now get red and blotchy more quickly even with high factor protection. Must admit as long as I can see the sun I'm happier in the shade left the sun worshipping behind in my 20s. Do hope you find an answer. Best wishes Wendyb

  • quite understand how you feel- hope you can find a different type of holiday that you'll enjoy and that the new meds work well.

    Best wishes

  • I have been on amiodarone for about a year before having an ablation. It is a bit of a devil' s bargain - If you go out in the sun you will burn and may well turn blue, along with a lot of other disagreeable possible side effects. However it is the best (most effective) drug that is currently available. You can get sun block on the NHS and floppy hats are essential. Take care.


  • I was on amioderone for 4 years. GP prescribed 'sunsense' which is a roll on high factor sun cream. I had no problems whatsoever in terms of burning or changing to an unwanted colour. In fact, I think the cream helped me get a healthy tan. I was 78 to 82 at the time.

  • I would endorse EricW's recommendation of SunSense. This comes from Australia, where they take protection from exposure to sun very seriously, and in my experience is completely effective and well worthwhile even if, like me, you have to pay for it.

  • Had to work in the South of France for a while when on it. Factor 50 and hat, no problem (plus tan!)

  • I was put on Amiodarone about two weeks ago following an ablation and cardioversion as I was having atrial tachycardia. It has certainly settled my heart and I am in NSR most of the time. Like you I live for the sun and couldn't believe it when I was told to cover up completely and not sit in the sun.

    However if it puts the heart back into NSR and I can come off it in a few weeks it will be worth it.

    My daughter went and bought me Factor 50 sun cream which I use every time I go out plus a sun hat and long sleeves etc and I have been fine.

    Got with it and see how you feel but stay out of the sun!

    Good luck!

  • My mum always used to say "pale and interesting"! And from one who has had 2 melanomas removed and nearly lost my life through my addiction to the sun, I am quite happy to sit in the shade with a hat and high factor sun cream on! It's all about pros and cons at the end of the day. Healthy but pale or tanned and poorly. I know which I would chose and continue to take my Amiodarone. X

  • I was placed on amiodarone following an ablation bc my heart was in afib/flutter constantly. I was told I would take for 3M only so I decided to do as the EP thought the best solution. IT did work and quickly. I could not handle the first week of the loading and was put on 1 200 pill per day. It was enough to get me into NSR.

    I work out in the yard a lot and I never got a burn.. I did not sit in the sun. It is one of the warnings. Remember too it has a long half life.

    I think with sunscreen and a hat you should be good to go. I too gave up my sun worhipping years ago. Certainly ages your skin! Good luck!

  • I was on amiodorone for 4 months. I got sunburn inside the house wearing factor 50+ if I sat too close to a window.

    I felt like I had no life at all, I've always enjoyed the great outdoors and enjoyed cycling and surfing.

    Couldn't go out and play with my kids , couldn't sit in the garden, couldn't do the ironing with curtains open ....

    Thankfully as it had not put me back in NSR after 4 months I was told to stop taking it.

  • Thankyou to everyone for replies to my dilemma. Obviously I will do as yhe cardiac consultant told me to and take care if in the sun. I was just interested in what you lovely people had gone through and I say again thanyou for you feedback.xx

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