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Enlarged L Atrium without AF


Hello All,

I am trying to find out the why's and wherefor's of my new condition. I am post CABG x4 4years ago. I have been training quite hard at F45 and am a good weight with well controlled BP and a mild drinker. Yesterday the cardiologist informed me that I had a severely enlarged L atrium. Upped my BP meds and said see me in 3 years! So I am a little panicked about this enlargement and what it means. I notice that all references I check lead me to AF which I don't have ...yet. Any advice or leads to more information would be very much appreciated.

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Hi there,

Must say I'm not into the abbreviations you used in the first couple of lines of your post, but, I will give you my thoughts on the rest of it.

When I was diagnosed with AF aged 65, it was confirmed that my LA was also enlarged. It was explained to me that with AF an enlarged LA is and can be the source of a blood clot which can lead to a stroke. In addition to BP meds that I was already on at the time AF hit, I was then placed on Bisoprolol and Warfarin.

I would also suggest that you may have a predisposition to AF and that rather than assume you don't have AF yet it may just be that an AF event has not yet been captured on an ECG. The fact that you have been told that you have an enlarged LA suggests they have done an Echo cardiogram - I would have assumed that they would have done a ECG.

And by the way, there is plenty of anecdotal evidence to support the fact that an AF'er can be in a state of AF and NOT KNOW IT ! I am one of those. Don't ask me how this can be .... have no idea.

I would suggest you do more research and a good start would be to go onto the Atrial Fibrillation Association website and research as much as you can.

Y'know, apart from any politician anywhere in the world this AF thingy is the most untrustworthy thing I know, AND, it is very much all things to all people. Whilst the electrical activity of the heart can behave (or misbehave) according to set parameters, how this chaotic electrical activity is felt by the individual AF'er can be incredibly and so widely different.

Hope this gives you a few clues and good luck on your AF journey.


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Great thanks John



Your enlarged left atrium does not mean that you will necessarily start having AF problems. For now, it has nothing to do with AF and it is not impossible that you may remain AF free.

Enlarged LA can be the consequence of the following: If your right ventricle is pumping well (through the lungs, to the left atrium) and your left ventricle has smaller capacity, than the blood, coming back from the lungs, pools in the left atrium, because left ventricle is not able to receive the incoming blood stream. For that reason LA expands over the normal limits. It is relatively easy to check what I have just told you. Check your lung blood pressure (it can be done only in hospitals) and it is very likely that it will be increased. If not, than the cause might be something else...

Be well!


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