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Who has AF and an enlarged atrium


Ok so ive had numerous cardio versions and both a cryo and Rf ablation but back in afib. Anyone else in this situation. I wont say my Dr. Has given up on me but being in pwrsistent afib is no wsy to live.

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I have had 2 ablations and I am now in permanent AF, with a slightly enlarged left atrium. I am 70 and have a good quality of life. Not as active as I would like to be but unrestricted on the flat at a good pace. I take Bisoprolol 5mgs daily for rate control which I think contributes to my reduced exercise capacity. I think those of us in permanent AF need a proper management plan from a cardiologist, just as much as those with paroxysmal AF. Push for a referral.

Hello - I have had PAF for18 years have had 5 ablations, both Cryo and Rf. I also have a severely enlarged atrium. I am having a pacemaker fitted in the next few weeks as although I feel well enough most of the time, I have debilitating episodes of AF every few weeks with a fast ventricular rate. I have been taking Sotalol for many years.

I think seeing a cardiologist is an important step for someone in chronic A F and if not happy with the doctor move to another with regards to the enlarged atrium I saw a Dr Greg Lip at Birmingham last week and he said he would give me a score of nil on chads vasc score but due to enlarged atrium said my cardiologist was 100 per cent correct to give me life long medication

On my last echo July 2017 while in a long period of AF it showed a severely enlarged left atrium and 40-45% ejection fraction. I have been in normal sinus rhythm since starting flecanaide in April 2018. I'm in the US and my insurance will not pay for another echo until I'm in Af again, so there is no way to check to see if my atrium has reduced in size and if my EF has improved. I feel better so I assume my heart has improved but it's just a guesssing game. I've had 3 ablations and 2 cardioversions. None totally successful.

My cardiologist seems to consider that one needs to leave it up to 2 years before having another echo, as the changes won't be noticeable in less time than that. So be patient. You are feeling better and that is the main thing - make the most of it!

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