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Heart palpitations post ablation


Ablation done 5 days ago for a Fib and flutter. I have had palpitations every day lasting from a few minutes to many hours and very bad headaches which I never had before the procedure..Is cardioversion only done for persistent rather than paroxysmal Fib.I know it’s a blanking period but it’s so disappointing.The first 12 hours post ablation were awesome .I was on a high and felt so great.I was on atenolol 25mgm pre ablation and wonder if some of these symptoms are withdrawal from the beta blocker

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Hi Mary

Five days is much too soon to expect results. Your palpitations and headaches are quite normal at this stage. I recommend that you read the ‘Recovering From An Ablation ‘ fact sheet: heartrhythmalliance.org/res...

I hope this gives you reassurance.

in reply to IanMK

Thanks I did download the fact sheet and it has reassured me that my symptoms have been experienced by others


Perfectly normal. Please do as Ian suggests and you wiull find lots more advice regarding your recovery.

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