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Sharp back pain


Hi All:

I have my catheter ablation surgery May 1st. June 1st I tried to mildly exercise but experienced sharp back pain and a heavy chest. Okay. Just a month..maybe too soon. I tried again on July 1st and had the same thing. It was an even milder workout than before. Once again, really sharp back pain lasting for days. I am really frustrated that I can't even do 15 minute, low level, no stress, walk.

Also, I appreciate the responses about how long it take for recovery. What concerns me is the sharp back pain and heavy chest. Maybe this is normal also. Just wanted to check.

Thanks everyone.

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No, I don't think it sounds right, especially with the heavy chest feeling.

I think you should talk to your GP about this today, if only to put your mind at rest.


Thanks Jean. I appreciate the support that I am not just being too impatient.

I had an ablation on Monday, June 18. On Saturday June 23, I mowed our quite large back lawn (~.4 acre) with the intention of mowing the front lawn the following day. Conditions were wet and I had to restart the mower several time with the pull-cord, and had sharp back pain for several days afterwards as a result. On Tuesday June 26, I went for a fairly brisk 20-30 min. walk, and felt rough again the following day. By Friday, I had to leave work early, as I felt completely exhausted, no pain just totally spent and light headed, very weird. I'd be very careful about working out too soon. I went on a 20 minute walk yesterday and feel ok today, but I am learning to increase my physical activity step by step.

I want my heart to heal and am giving it the best chance, even though I am very impatient to get back to exercise!

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Thanks afafaf.

It just feels like it has been too long.

I hope things do get better.

Thanks much!

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