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CRT Pacemaker Settings


Since March 18 my poor old heart has taken quite a battering. Part of this battering involved relocating a CRT pacemaker. I am now totaly Pacemaker dependant. I am now home but have had little releif from the breathlessness and tirdness we are all familier with.

Part of the issues could well be impatience on my part however I have noticed that my pacemaker appers to be fixed at 60 bpm (give or take a beat). Thats fine for sleeping or watching the TV but not so good for exercise.

Has anyone else had there pacemaker configured in such a way?

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It’s not unusual to set at 60 to limit your ability to exercise until you heal and the leads bed in. Once settled the pace can be reviewed at 6+ weeks allowing the capacity for more exercise. I have learned 2 things from all my illnesses - patience and pacing! Hard lessons sometimes.

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