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Hey y’all...I’m 34 and had a cardiac ablation 2 years ago for afib...totally cured...however once every few months I get skipped beats that last a few hours and then resolve spontaneously. They usually present when I’m exhausted...can someone help relieve my anxiety. If I even have the smallest of skipped beats every few months I have anxiety...Please help relive this anxiety

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Ectopic beats as you describe are normal. Everybody gets them . Problem is we AFers notice! They are considered benign but as we all know are darned irritating. There is a useful deep breathing exercise which often helps stop them. Search "Ectopic breathing" at top right .


Great to hear you are in regular rhythm for 3 yrs. From everything I have read it appears afib can always return at anytime??I just had ablasion 2 weeks ago and will find out if I am still in normal rhythm. I was a week ago when I had an apt with surgent for possible hernia. Will know next tues but also am aware that it can take mths for everything to resolve itself after scar tissue forms..Its nice to read that there are some people who had only one procedure and are doing well sometime later. I keep reading where some people have 3-10 ablasions!!!??That is very discouraging.Good luck

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They won't kill you they won't even damage your heart as the are so infrequent you need to have over 20000 a day to begin to damage as the doctors say .

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