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11 weeks post ablation. Still have chest pain.


I am 11 weeks past ablation and just came back from my 4th visit to ER for chest pain. This time they finally game me cardiac cath and I passed with no significant blockages. My ultrasound shows 70 percent heart function. I am in sinus rhythm and my post ablation palpitations have stopped. But no one can tell me why I get chest pain and left arm tingling. I take sotalol, atorvastatim and Eliquis for heart. Citalopram for anxiety (About my heart mostly), pantolprazole for reflux and Ambien at night. Now they added imdur and celebrex. Could it be all the meds? Reflux? Stress? Normal ablation recovery? I would like some answers but no one seems able to give to me. I feel silly now when I go back to hospital. But with chest pain going down left arm what else do I do?

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Hi Bshersey

If they exclude organic /cardiac reason for the pain I suggest to try mindfulness regulary and deep breathing exercises

Also I think It is important to take few cardiologists/Ep opinions better than one and make sure they do proper review for your medications

Hope you get well soon


Go to AF Association. look up patient resources/fact sheets and move down to "Recovering from ablation." May help you understand

doodle68 in reply to BobD

Hi BShersey :-) see Bob's post above , scroll down the page here...


I'm 8 weeks post ablation I get lots of pains and I'm short of breath I had pneumonia and pericarditis right after the procedure my guess is you probably have a complication that's not showing up on the test possibly due to inflammation

Hi Bshersey - I looked up the side effects for sotolol and the first one was headache with chest pain. Apparently it's a very strong drug.

Thanks inezeelsie. I was wondering about sotalol and its side effects. I also worry about long-term use of ambien. it also apparently can cause chest pain and heartburn.

How are you doing today.

Pain is about the same. It comes and goes. Went to primary care doctor yesterday and my EKG was fine. They want me to have MRI of my neck and CT of my stomach. No one seems as worried about it as me. How are you?

Update: I had an MRI and abdominal CT scan to narrow down cause of chest pain. Passed MRI with no problem. Nothing but a stiff neck according to report. But the doctor's secretary was cryptic about the MRI. Said there were "irregularities" and I need to have a colonoscopy next week to "rule some things out." Great... At least I remain in NSR.

Scott1101 in reply to Bshersey

How are you doing now

Somewhat better. Not sure if it's reflux medicine or just recovery time. But I noticed a big improvement last week. You?

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