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8 days post ablation and chest pain - anyone else still hve pain that many days after?


Hi I'm 8 days post ablation and have still got chest pain in centre of chest. Also feels a little like its in my throat. I've been taking paracetemol and anti-inflammatory tablets. Was this your experience and any tips as its really quite sore! Thanks

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Sounds like your oesophagus may be irritated, the burn is quite close to it. Many hospitals prescribe a medication such a omeprazole or Ranitidine for a few weeks for that reason. I suggest you ask your GP for a prescription but if you get worse symptoms you need to take them seriously.

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Buffafly thanks. Hope to see GP tomorrow.

I had my ablation done 6 weeks ago under a general anesthetic and prior to the procedure starting I had an ultra sound of the back of the heart done via the oesophagus to check for any clots prior to the ablation. This can cause irritation and acid reflux, so I was prescribed a "protein pump inhibitor" or PPI, which in my case was Lansoprazole. I had to take this for 28 days post ablation. I know not every ablation is the same, so a chat with your GP might help.

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ianparry thanks. Hope to see GP tomorrow.

Please speak with your doctor as soon as you can. It does sound like esophageal injury whatever the cause maybe. Was it RF ablation? Did they intubate you during the procedure? If you develop fever let your doctor know right away. Get well soon and keep us posted.

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giitus thanks. It was RF ablation but they had to stop and revert to cryo as I couldn't tolerate it. I was sedated not unde GA.

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Serious Esophageal damage is rare. So try to get some rest and the pain should go away. I had cryoablation about 2 weeks ago and so far no issues.

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giitus thanks I'm doing a good job the the resting front which goes against my natural desires as I love to dash about! Good luck with your recovery.

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Me too Hidden, I did not have the oesophagus part but an atrial flutter ablation under sedation 7 days ago, had a sore chest for a few days, I am getting bursts of normal sinus rhythm with short fast beats most of the time at the moment, bit worrying but I am trying to take things easy and not to fret, not easy though!! I also have headaches at present.

I agree with the others get some advice from GP or your cardio team.

Take care ,hope you bet better soon


I had my ablation six weeks ago...it was RF. I did not have any heart burn or reflux. I know they put a thermometer down my intubation tube to guard against burning my esophagus. I haven't had much chest pain but I would definitely call the doctor if I were you. It's very early days but perhaps they can give you some insight as to what is going on. Good luck.

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Jomama thanks hope to see GP tomorrow. I didn't have GA so no tubes. I'm hoping it's nothing too troublesome.

Don't worry too much Julie. I had ablation 10 days ago and have the same symptoms. I talked to the EP and he just smiled - he is considered to be among the best in USA. It happens during extensive ablation as they "move" the esophagus to the right to avoid the burn and that can later cause inflammation. I panicked as I developed chills and fever the moment I got home.

I felt as if my esophagus was loose causing discomfort especially when I lean forward. I took Tylenol (paracetamol) for 2 days and taking Pantoprozol first thing in the morning. It got much better after 5 days but I still feel "something" loose in my throat especially when I cough. Otherwise, my heart has been calm (so far) and my EP told me to stop Flec and Metoprolol 1 month after ablation - continue with Eliquis (apixabane).

You are most likely OK unless symptoms persist without daily improvements.

Best of luck

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adriatico thanjs it hit better then worse again!

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Where did you have your ablation and who was your doc? I'm in the States as well...

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I had it in a major hospital in NYC. (For privacy reasons) I would like to send you more details over private messaging but don't know how to do it.

I had my ablation 13 days ago. I had a TEE with mine so I had some weird throat stuff going on for close to a week. What I feel is not really pain but just weird yet. My pulse rate is still 10 bpm higher than it was pre-ablation. I have just been peppering the EP nurse with questions over MyChart and she has been very good with answering. They had me come in one of the two times I went into AFIB for about 10 hours 3 and five days afterwards. My advice is to be patient and ask a ton of questions. Good luck on your recovery!

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mnnewy it feels good to have these procedures behind us! I'm not sure what mychart is? I'm hoping to see GP tomorrow as my pain was bad first few days then calmed down and has come back which is not good!

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Oh, sorry, maybe MyChart is just a local thing here. It's a website where they post my test results (so I can panic when I see things like trace amount of mitral regurgitation), bills, all appointments, and there is a messaging application in there for communicating with medical staff. It has saved me a lot of worrying.

So I did have one bout of AFIB that freaked me out but had them talk me down. When the second hit I was depressed and freaking out. Communicating with the EP nurse calmed me down, except when she wanted me to plan for a cardioversion if I did not come out! Did not need that fortunately.

So I would worry like you are but am sure there is an answer you will be happy with eventually when things settle.

How have been? Lets us all know. I hope all is well for you.

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