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11 weeks out from ablation


Hi Guys, I have been fairing well until this week, everything I expected has happened in one form or another, however the last couple of days, BUGGER,

I started with a sharp pain through my left side but more to the back by the end of the first day I had mild pain down my arm, but the pain in the chest and back is hard, I cant sleep except by putting a pillow close to my chest and laying on my right side.

I have an appointment with the doctor tomorrow but was wondering if anyone else had these symptoms so far out from the ablation.

I am hazarding a guess by saying possibly pericarditis.

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If you are getting chest pain and pain down your left arm I would get checked out at A and E - better safe than sorry

Definitely agree with Rosie. It may be nothing to worry about but it's not worth the risk. If it is as you think the sooner you are treated the better and your doctor would probably send you to hospital for checks anyway. Good luck and let us know how you are. X

Agree with the others go get advice and be checked out asap....

I am a diehard stay at home AFer but NEVER with chest pain. Pain is to be listened to.. Call asap, if it is percarditis or else, you want it checked out - and to not be in pain!!!!!

Take care and let us know how you get on!

Good advice from the others - see somebody as soon as you can. Take care.


heading off to AE now will llet you know

iris1205 in reply to Hidden

Good - we feel better already! ;-))

Let us know how you get on . Thinks it s better to be safe with chest pain . Best wishes Mary

Glad you were persuaded. Waiting to hear outcome.


OK so being from a small country town in NSW Australia, one can forgive me for not wanting to attend A&E our doctors consist of babies with no experience. It was taking me 3 days to see a GP Registrar, the older doctors take longer. Emergency Dr (child) humiliated me and said it was probably just a torn muscle, wouldn't let me speak and spoke over me. Now at 60 I have had plenty of torn muscles, and this did not feel like it. I was told to avoid stress take the painkillers and go home. Which I gladly did to escape the snotty little bathplug.

I feel so much better now knowing the pain is not a heart attack. Sorry for being a tad of a smarty pants, but I cant help it.

Thanks for youdvie though it is always appreciated.

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