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Hi all I was diagnosed with A fib, 2 years ago. I've been having rapid heart beats for over a wk now. My normal resting HR is 70-80, now it's 100-110. Last week my cardiologist put a holter monitor, but I haven't heard anything about results. Since it's Saturday they are closed, I am worried about my heart rate, I am also having palpitations. Don't know what to do, should I go to the ER? I am 27 and really scared!!! Someone please help!!

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  • Hi Ana

    I have no medical training only my own experience.

    Please stay calm as these symptoms are common place and not extreme even though very disturbing. If you call 999 they will be able to assess you and decide whether to take you in (this does not have to be your decision when you don't know what your heart is doing and you are worried). If you feel unwell you can go to A&E and they will be able to hook you up to an ECG and they will let know what your heart is doing. Are you on any medication? They would be able to give you something if you are in an AF episode.

    If you are not suffering other symptoms you may chose not to but check your heart rate isn't increasing or if you feel very light headed or faint then I would to reassure yourself.

    Hope this helps.


  • Thanks for replying I've been feeling better. HR is around 90 beats( still high for me). But hopefully it stays like that until Monday. Being only 27 and having A. Fib scares me do you all know life expectancy with A fib?

  • Dr only has me on baby aspirin and metropolol once a day. Do you know if having infections triggers afib? Last time I saw my Dr was 1 year ago, was doing fine until now. Having strep throat 6 times in 6 months doesn't help either.

  • An infection definitely triggers AF and an increased heart rate. Try cold compresses on forehead and rest.

  • Hi Ana, I would agree with Jo, if you are really worried then call 999 or go to A&E for reassurance but these aren't unusual symptoms. In my experience if you do go to A&E all they will do is monitor you and A&E on a Saturday night is not somewhere you want to be unless you really need to be there!

    If you know you have been in AF for more than 24 hours, you check that by taking your pulse and If your pulse is irregular then you are at higher risk of having a stroke, but if you are already taking anticoagulants then this will offer you some protection. If you aren't taking anticoags then you would benefit from being monitored.

    Just for your information your heart rate is not very high to cause too much concern on its own, but being in AF for a week does mean you benefit from being seen by a doctor sooner rather than later.

    If you are still there, hope you are feeling better or have taken some action.

  • Thanks for replying, still here hoping Monday gets here fast. HR is now in the 90s. If i lie down it goes down to the 90s, but as soon as I get up it rises 100 or higher. It's risen to 118. I haven't experienced any other symptoms though. Also considering seeing another cardiologist.

    The one I see is pretty busy all the time. He only has me on baby aspirin, and metropolol once a day. Stress seems to triger my afib. Having personal problems, and being very stressed at work doesn't help. I'm very happy I found this support group, and have somone that knows what I'm going through and listen to me.

  • I don't know where you live but what about an nhs walk-in center or calling an out of hours GP...or going online and speaking to an nhs nurse by telephone you shouldn't have to wait and worry yourself sick until Monday Ana00....

    I was also unwell for 3 months with various viruses and that kicked my AF into touch after 10 years!

  • Hi Ana

    Of course you are anxious, but the more this happens the easier it will get because you will learn what to do. Ask for written instructions.

    My instructions from the cardiologist and gp are to dial 999 if AF continues more than a couple of hours. This is not necessarily because the AF is dangerous, it's because the paramedics will do an ECG. This is then useful to diagnose what happened. By Monday your heart will probably be back to normal. The paramedics are wonderfully reassuring. Sometimes they cart me off to hospital, sometimes the AF disappears while they are there. They always say it's better to call them and let them decide.

  • Hi a a, I'm 31 and had af a good few years now.I also have days where heart rate is high, but not in af.

    Sometimes it subsides after a good night sleep, stress is definitely a trigger so stay as relaxed as you can

  • Hello Ana i know afib is scary im 25 years old and got afib too but as long u follow ur doctor instructions you will be fine.

  • Hi Yamil, so whay symptoms do to you experience? I was diagnosed at 25. This is very scary!

  • palpitations and heart rate

  • also lost of breath

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