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PAF - second opinion _news

Hi to all! I short: had 2nd opinion 10 days ago.Long discussion with cardiologist about my hyperthyreosis hystory, LBBB, current status ( PAF November 2017, January 2018 self conversion to NSR, vagal?) and therapy 2,5 bisoprolol, rivaroxaban and 1,25 ramipril for moderate BP. Heordered to stop 2,5 bisoprolol (increases vagal tone) and rivaroxaban (he has a lot experience with NOAC, my CHAD score 0-1 max, 59 female).

It was not easy to stop the drugs, I was in such fear. Bisoprolol I did gradually and rivaroxaban, there is almost no info about how to do it (apart from surgery or bleeding case), no clinical trials, no experience, only warnings and threats about stroke!!. This sounds very, very strange.

Luckilly, I came across a post on other afib forum, about patient gone on/off Xarelto at least 8 times over the past 2 years, with the approval of EP, without problems so far. Each time he get cardioverted he goes on it for the following 30 days. On day 31, he stops until the next afib incident. Any comments?

After one week w/o drugs (only 1,25 ramipril for moderate increased BP) I did 24 hours holter - apart from already known LBBB, everything looks fine( dosen supravetricular and ventricular systola., no pause greater than 2 sec. My elderly internists who reads holter results comment was: "go for longer walks,clear your head.. :)) ".

I started fish oil as natural AC, magnesium, potassium, vitamin B, headspace ;)). I am cautiously optimistic.



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All looking good then!!


Honestly, still little nervous about it.


The stop start strategy for AC you describe would be safer with an implanted recorder, say Medtronic Linq in the event of silent PAF


Tnx,, I saw it's commonly used for silent AF. Is there any info about PAF available?


I believe it will record any type of abnormal heart rhythm.



As part of 'alternative therapy' if not on anti-coags as well as the same supplements you take, I do regular walking with poles 1.5 miles x2 per day and break into a run for 300m or so - the idea being to exercise the heart a bit more and move on any stagnant blood pools building up there; may not be effective but it just makes common sense to me.


After second AF in January I've started regular bike for 5 km a day,with tendance to walk as possible during the day.I might add walking with poles :)) Office sitting/meeting is nightmare.


Some (most) say the risk of stroke is the same if you are in AF or not.

The way I read the warning on the stopping of NOACs is that you will be back at the same risk of stroke you were before taking them.

I too have stopped/started NOACs several times with the guidance of my EP, I'm still here 😉


Thanks a lot for sharing your experience. There was always a kind of wall of silence when i’ve asked EP about to quite NOAC and pro and cons. Glad you are doing fine :))


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