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Four Weeks Since Ablation

Four weeks now since my ablation. First couple of weeks seemed fine apart from a few minor flutters and the feeling that my beats were a bit strange. I had complete rest for two weeks. Then after pottering around the house and one or two very short walks, began to get more flutters and some very fast heartbeats which did not last long. During the night whilst in bed my heart rate increased then returned to normal on a few occasions and still does this. Two days ago in the shower I had a very fast beat experience and thought I was going to black out. After a short rest I recovered however have felt drained and generally unwell since. When I have the flutters sometimes it is accompanied by a fluttering sensation below my adams apple.

I have been treated for Angina for ten years and before the ablation there were two attempts to fit a stent as one of my main heart arteries is completely blocked. Both attempts were not a success as the blockage was too severe. My consultant decided to treat the AF before deciding the way forward with the blockage.

I have been wondering if the blockage may have any bearing on the AF.

My next appointment with the consultant is in two months, however due to the present situation I hope to see her much sooner.

I take 2.5mg Bisoprolol, Plavix and Warfarin and have been taking the Bisoprolol since being diagnosed with Angina and Arrythmia. I must say that I do not have much faith in the Bisoprolol as it makes me feel so tired and lethargic and does not seem to have been a success in my case.

I recently discovered this site and have found it to be of great help and I now get an idea how many people are stricken by this condition.

Regards to all.

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It is still very early days in your recovery and I am sure they told you it takes three months at least and often much longer to fully recover from ablation such as this.

Raised heart rate is common as well and can take some months to settle down so try not to worry. Listen to your body and take things one day at a time.

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Thanks BobD. I took your advice and have decided more rest is required and my episodes have decreased somewhat. I am lucky enough to do this as I am retired but it must be difficult for people to cope who are in full time employment. One day at a time as you say.



Your experiences after the ablation seem similar to my own. 14 weeks down the line and I have been in sinus rhythm for a couple of months now. A higher heart rate is very common, and a predictive factor for a successful outcome. A study on this showed that the increased heart rate to still be present 12 months later.


Thanks a lot for your input Fnurd. I am lucky enough to be retired and therefore decided to take things a little easier and find that the episodes I was having have reduced a little. I think that the overall impression I get from posters is that it takes time to recover from ablation and not to expect too much too soon. I will however be seeing my consultant earlier as a precaution.



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