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Post ablation AF

Hello all

Well have had my first episodes of AF since my ablation 17th February, they were two short burst of about 30secs about 3/4 minutes apart, then back in NSR.

Thing is it was clearly eplained that this could happen, but I just keep going through why now, was it too much exercise yesterday, did I not eat right, did not take my Bisoprolol as advised by my EP due to my asthma getting out of control.

Do I just rest again now, or continue as is, or am I jeopardising my recovery, hence more frequent AF episodes, scrambled thinking at the moment.

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My understanding is you need to give your body at least three months to see if ablation was successful, there will still be

loads of swelling etc where the abalation was done and AF can still happen until everything has recovered and scarring has formed,I think gentle workouts are fine for the first few weeks.


I think we can expect these runs regardless Mick. I posted earlier in the week, as I was getting extra beats, something I haven't experienced before. The general consensus was yup that's normal. Have a look at this link below. It's from the Cleveland Clinic and I think is very informative about all aspects of the procedure, including recovery.


Thank you for that link. It's one of the best that I have seen.

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Thanks guys

Just suppose I need carry on and ignore, off for another walk now, coffee (decaf) read the paper get some more Rivaroxaban, happy days.


Sorry to hear this as it's disappointing. Yes, I find ignore it is best. I've moved forwards such a long way in the last year, but I do still have tiny bits of AF now and then. They might be significant but, head in sand, I like to pretend they didn't happen once NSR returns.


I was told that it takes up to 3 months for the scar to form properly and that is why they are not too concerned until you get to 6 months.


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