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The way forward...Pace & Ablate

I saw my EP yesterday and decided the time has come - so although not a medical emergency - I am on the list. May happen end of April / May time. My EP wants an anaesthetist present - just in case of Mg problem but it will all be done under a local anaesthetic.

Any tips - from the ladies especially - regarding after care?

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Good luck CD. PM me when you get a date please.


I can’t offer any tips, CD but just wanted to wish you well with your procedure and hope the wait isn’t too long. xx


I haven't had one although cardio suggested it some years back after first ablation. Have improved since .

Hope all goes well and gives you the improvement you need.

Best wishes



Good news CD, really hope all goes well.......


The only advice I could give, would be leave the pacemaker site dressing to be changed by a nurse who observes strict hygiene measures. This was not my experience.

I developed septic shock 8 weeks after PPM insertion, requiring removal of the device. I believe this complication is very uncommon.


Good point - it was one of the possible complications explained to me - 1/200 chance evidently. Thanks.


I know that if my condition deteriorates then I too will need pace and ablate. They wouldn't offer it unless there was a fighting chance of it improving your quality of life. I have met a lady who has had it done and she was remarkably chipper about her improved health. I also know several people who have had pacemakers fitted because of long pauses and they seem to be doing well.

Very best wishes for a successful outcome.

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Hope everything goes well and you feel fit as a fiddle after you’ve had it done.


No advice CD but wish you all the best. Are you getting a lot of AF at the moment as I didn’t realise this was an option if in PAF as opposed to permanent AF. This was suggested to me last year but put it on the back burner for now. Hope this sorts things for you as you have enough to deal with. Best wishes.



Hi Brenda - it got a lot more troublesome Nov-Feb with episodes most days. As AF can exacerbate my Mg and he has seen me at my worst, my EP thought it would improve my QOL, Also my resting HR has got somewhat erratic of late and the trend seems generally down - now mid 50’s whereas it used to be 65-70 but sometimes dips below 40.

It won’t happen until late April/May as there is no emergency so it’s a matter of being on the waiting list for NHS. I may go privately if my insurance will cover the procedure.


Hi CDreamer,my mum had pacemakers .She found her normal bra was always uncomfortable when she had replacement pacemakers. She bought some sports type bras instead.

Best wishes x


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