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Ablate and pace

Someone, I think mentioned a while ago that we don,t hear from many afib patients that have had ablate and pace as they are now getting on with there lives. However if there are any out there that have had this done quite some time ago, I would like to hear from them as that is what my EP cardiologist has suggested to me as he is not optimistic on my second ablation as of aug 30.

He may be correct? I shave been in afib and fastheart rate of 130 for the last18 hours.

However I was good for the first13 days after second ablation.

I am on ONLY bisoprolol since my ablation.

Over all I have had these problems for 14 years, off and on , but always on one med or another over the years.

Thanks for listening, it helps. Marney

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Hello Marney

I'm sorry you are back in AF again - it must be disappointing after your ablation. Hopefully, it will be a glitch as your heart is healing.

If you type 'pace and ablate' into the search box at the top right of the page, there are various posts about it - many of them quite positive.


Hi Marney I like you have had this condition for around 14 years, I had 1 abandoned Ablation in 2014 now the arrithmia nurse has mentioned pacemaker and AV node Ablation I was wondering how you are please


Hello Finvola and Nanchester , thank you for your comments.

I have had a pacemaker for 3 years and yes my EP has suggested AV node ablation to solve the problem. However this worries me some although he says he has done many many with positive results. If my situation becomes unbearable, then I suppose I will go with it then.

I guess I should do something as my husband and I wish to travel to UK and visit Harrogate Yorkshire and Manchester areas to visit where his parents came from almost 100 years ago. We live in Canada.


Thank you for time to answer, why did you have the pacemaker? I thought she meant to have the pacemaker and AV node the same time I’ve got persistent AF now dronedrone for last 7months but it’s not working, lovely place Canada my dad had friends there from Shropshire where he was born thanx Pam


Hi Pam. I had to have a pacemaker 3 years ago, as I almost passed out (H R. 29, ...my meds lowered it to this point). Now I don,t worry about it going below 60.


Oh I should ask all these questions with the arrithmia nurse, I am getting a bit anxious now they put me on bisoprolol and my heart rate plummeted on a low dose I’ve always had low BP, it’s nice to talk about it and listen to people’s experience I’m 63 this year and hope I am better swn thank you so much for replying best wishes x



Hi there!

I had my "pace and ablate" in July 2017. Doing fine since, though it can be a little struggle to get the best settings for the PM that works the best for you. Since a couple of weeks I have some good settings. Even went skiing with it. You just need to learn the do's en dont's. For example, cycling isn't that much fun anymore, because the PM sensors doesn't sense the legs to move. You might need an electrical bike. That means short of breath. When moving arms, it senses movement so it gives more heartbeat. (just don't do it on a bike.. people could thing you're going mad or something) I even got back to work and im almost on my old workschedule. There is hope! I am aware that not everyone after pace and ablate has the same benefits, but overall everyone has advantage. Sometimes i can feel the AF (like a bubble or bird in my chest) , but it doesn't have any effect on my heartbeat, cause the PM takes care of it for 100%. So no longer symptomatic. I still do have PVC (runs). That's the thing that freaks me out some times. I had a long road of AF en procedures, including the Cox Maze (open heart) with complications, so i sense every "wrong"beat. Ive learned that PVC's arent dangerous, but im still in great panic when i feel some, especially after a period of exercise (skiing, etc.). Here and there i've read that more pace and ablate patients more or less have PVC's. (and most of them are freaked out easily too.. :) thank God im not alone in this) But.. I can recommend the pace and ablate. Just make sure you'll get a biventriculair pm. That prevents heart failure in the future because of pace and ablate. It's not natural for the heart to get paced the way its done after pace and ablate (pacing in general i think).

Hopefully my story helped a little.



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