Ablate and pace

Someone, I think mentioned a while ago that we don,t hear from many afib patients that have had ablate and pace as they are now getting on with there lives. However if there are any out there that have had this done quite some time ago, I would like to hear from them as that is what my EP cardiologist has suggested to me as he is not optimistic on my second ablation as of aug 30.

He may be correct? I shave been in afib and fastheart rate of 130 for the last18 hours.

However I was good for the first13 days after second ablation.

I am on ONLY bisoprolol since my ablation.

Over all I have had these problems for 14 years, off and on , but always on one med or another over the years.

Thanks for listening, it helps. Marney

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  • Hello Marney

    I'm sorry you are back in AF again - it must be disappointing after your ablation. Hopefully, it will be a glitch as your heart is healing.

    If you type 'pace and ablate' into the search box at the top right of the page, there are various posts about it - many of them quite positive.

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