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Off Rivaroxaban for over a month

I have been on Rivaroxaban for over 5 years and have been told to come off it folllowing a second stroke...I have been waiting for a scan and have had it after a month and been told that the results will be through in 2 weeks...is this safe as I also have continual AF and will have been off Rivaroxaban for over a month. I do not feel well, am unbalanced and have frequent headaches when I wake. I can take paracetamol and in contact with a cardiologist

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One must conclude from your story that your stroke was a haemorrhagic stoke rather than a thrombotic one ( bleed rather than clot ) or they would be unlikely to stop an anticoagulant. If this is so then continuing to take an anticoagulant would I think be unsafe which must be why you were asked to stop the rivaroxaban. I would be more concerned to be in contact with the stroke team as right now that is the more important problem.


I agree with BobD. Perhaps have a talk with your GP for her to explain things (and check your BP). Left atrial appendage occlusion (LAAO) might be an alternative if AC are contraindicated long term. The chances of you having a stroke because of your AF are in the short term minimal.

I think this is a case where you must trust your doctors advice, but in your place I would ask your GP to log in to the system to get the result of the scan, (presumably a brain scan? ) rather sooner than 2 weeks. She could then ring the stroke team nurse for you. Our GPs are there sometimes to fight our corner, when NHS hospital back office cogs are grinding too slowly. Take the initiative. I’m sure you are going to be fine. 🙂


usually the scan would be reported within 24 hours, so you should be able to get the result either through your GP or hospital consultant. Try and see

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