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Anti coagulation

Hi Everbody

Two years ago I had cyroablation at Barts Hospital . My A.F was very bad prior this procedure, although now I have occasional attacks of AF, missed beats. I still take Flecanide and Atenolol to control my heart. I work night shifts a few times a month and afterwards I invariably have a jumpy heart.

Prior the cyroablation I was started on Waferin and have remained on it ever since .

Today i was informed by the waferin clinic that they had spoken to Mr Sporton and he had advised that I no longer needed Waferin as I only scored a one in regards to having a stroke . According to NICE guidelines I was not a high enough risk to warrant anticoagulant medication

Can anyone tell me if this is right ? My assumption was that I would remain on this medication .

Thank you in advance to anyone who can offer me any advice.

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