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Anti coagulation at last!

Some of you may remember me posting recently (ish) about the trouble I was having getting anti coagulation. Well I wrote a fairly strong email to my cardiologist and a few days later he rang, said I was a clever girl and agreed to put me on anti coags. Yay! My reason for posting is that he is telling my doc to put me on Apixaban, is this the best in people's opinion? What are you on? I've mentioned before that I had a pulmonary embolism several years ago so I've been on warfarin before which I tolerated well, does Apixaban have many side effects? I have a hiatus hernia and a very sensitive stomach so worried about that.

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Well done you for fighting. I can't tell you much about apixaban but I do believe that there is less risk of internal bleeds with the new oral anticoagulants so this may be why he has said use that one. I'm not qualified to comment really.



Apixaban is one of three new anticoagulant drugs available. My only comment is for you to be aware that there is no antidote available as yet.


It's one I looked into (no chance, Wales is wedded to warfarin) and I did think it sounded good. I have to say I don't know much other than the very basics, I'd be happy to be on it but then I'm quite happy on warfarin. The new anti-coagulants don't last as long in the system, I think you have to take tablets twice a day, but I'm sure your doctor will explain it all.


There isn't a lot to chose between Apixaban, Dabigatran (Pradaxa) and Riveroxaban. Some slight pluses and minuses for each one, but generally similar.All are superior to Warfarin in almost all respects - but more expensive. I am shortly to start on Riveroxaban which is the recommended one in our area, only one pill per day. The others differ in this respect Pradaxa and Apixaban are twice per day. Don't worry too much about no antidote. There is no clear tested one, but there are treatments that can be used which are likely to be effective, and have been used in the past for other drugs with no antidote. There is lots of research on the net on the NOACs eg, and others. My GP is putting me on Riverox after a lot of discussion, he is an excellent GP and specialises in heart problems, so I trust his judgement.

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hi . Itoo am on rivaroxaban 20mg and no side effects , only that if you cut youeself you bleed more also had nose bleeds but they have settled now


I'm on Warfarin and asked my EP last year if I could change to one of the others, but he said that as I was possibly due for another procedure (which didn't happen) I was to stay on Warfarin.



If you go on one of the new anti-coagulants I found it best to take them after food and with plenty of water as I had very bad heartburn and indigestion, especially at night, when I took them on empty stomach. Now I have worked that out and am sticking to it I am absolutely ok and not had any recurrence. I haven't hiatus hernia but quite a sensitive stomach and suffered from ulcerative colitis in the past, ok now. Good luck, whatever you take the most important part is that you are protected from stroke.


I have been on Apixaban since April. I have a hiatus hernia.

No problems at all with Apixaban and no constant INR checks like Warfarin which I have also used.

12 hours is max effect so take at fixed time - me I go 9 am and 9 pm. with ipad to remind me!.

It is true there is no antidote yet but they are working on it and there is a hospital solution for massive bleed which is highly unlikely.

Brain bleed is less likely than with warfarin.

There are protocols to prescribing it. (See NICE)


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