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Update 16 days post RF ablation

After the 1st week of migraine and dizzyness and occasional AF I had a week of feeling great then yesterday I felt dizzyness and chest pain. My Kardia recoding 180 bpm but just saying unclassified and not AF which suggests it a fast regular heart beat.

I managed to get the Bpm down after taking pill in the pocket flecainide after 2 hours.

In some ways was was hoping my Kardia said AF as u know what u are dealing with then. And the chest pain isn’t sonething I have experienced to the sane degree.

Just wondering if anyone had had similar and whether they went to the docs or just got on with it.

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From experience this is all normal. You are still VERY early in your healing and you will have these sorts of events for some time now. I'm sure they told you it can take three to six months for full recovery. Continue to rest as much as you can but if you are really worried then please talk to your arrhythmia nurse. That said if you get any more crushing chest pain then seek medical attention is the general advice.

Oh as stay away from the kardia for a few days as it is obviously causing you stress.


As Bob says, rapid heart rate is very common after an ablation, but 180 is a bit quick and if you get a repeat over the weekend, I might be tempted to visit A&E. I’m not medically trained but Flecainide is a rhythm control drug as opposed to a rate control, but if it helped to reduce the rate I guess that’s OK. Very early days and you will experience all sorts of different blips, but if you feel it is racing into the 180’s, I would check it with the Kardia, but don’t tell Bob I said so!! Over use will set the pulse racing!!


I don’t have an arrythmia nurse contact point. The only contact point I had was the hosptial ward for any questions just following discharge. They did say I could get eposides of AF in the three months blanking out period. I guess its hard to know whats normal during this time. I think to be safe the next episode with the chest pain I’ll seek medical advise. Thanks for your responses.

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See another dr. Could be anxiety but would want to make sure

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