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24 hour post RF ablation


Just wanted to provide some feedback as I’m home now after my RF ablation. Tired and sore is the best way to summarize it. Heartbeat feels nice and smooth. A lot of soreness in the chest especially when getting a deep breath, the occasional tingling feeling which is almost as if you can feel the heart starting the healing process, headache, and a sore throat. All is to be expected and can be treated simply with Tylenol or Ibuprofen. Doc said the chest and throat soreness is due to the RF heat that can radiate into nearby tissue. The incision site is really not bad at all after 6-8 hours. I was able to walk with little pain, just being cautious obviously. Overall, I’d say the anticipation and anxiety leading up is the hardest. Once you’re there and “turn yourself over” to the team it’s almost a relief. You feel nothing during it if you get general anesthesia.

Now it’s just laying low for 3-days and follow up in 6 weeks. Onward and upward.

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well done and get a lot of rest now


Does nobody understand that ibuprofen can cause AF and must be avoided. Otherwise good news. Now read our fact sheet on Recovering from Ablation. All the things doctors never tell you! (and often don't know) AND REST!!! Three days- forget that. Two weeks minimum. Three to six months for full recovery.

Lay low for a week or more. Don't be a he-man. Take care of your heart. Stay in NSR. And breathe.

Yes. 3-5 days meaning nothing. Then mild activity as in possibly leaving the house. I don’t have anything planned for the next 2 weeks. Thanks for the replies.

What are everyone’s thoughts on supplements? I take magnesium taurate already and was considering coq10 and l-carnitine also.

CDreamer in reply to A2DP

and add VitC 1000g, and I have found D-Ribose very, very helpful for chronic fatigue. These supplements feed the mitrochondria which support cells for energy production and healing, especially heart muscle which has to work SO hard and never gets a break.


Been taking CO Q10 for longer than I can remember, probably before AF. Probably in my head but I feel less energy if I run out.

Well done, but do not be tricked into believing you will recover in 2 or 3 days or even weeks, if you do you run the risk of it coming back. I am 13 weeks post ablation and whilst recovery has been steady, it's been much slower than I thought and much much slower than the EP said. Do not risk anything too demanding for 3 months.

Sorry, just saw the ibuprofen word and alarm bells started ringing. This drug can cause AF so you should not be taking it. All the best in your recovery. BobD offers great advice.

So pleased you are NSR and long may it continue - please heed the warnings re Ibuprofen - it is contraindicated for anyone with arrythmia and is know to cause them.

Listen to your body for recovery, do what you can, when you feel like it and rest when tired.

Oldiemoldy in reply to CDreamer

Absolutely right. Ablation recovery is slow and hard for many of us. Much time for reflection and sleeping. Don’t believe for a minute that everyone is back to normal in a week.


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Slattery in reply to Hidden

I pray, I will be like you after an Ablation

Dogs1945 in reply to Hidden

I came home same day and cooked my self fish and chips and rested for three day got back to exercise Three weeks later now three months on

Back to all exercise the only problem hi have is with the medication k

I am so happy to hear you are doing well. I am getting an Ablation in 4 weeks. Your positive experience is helping me. Thank you!

A2DP in reply to Slattery

I know it’s hard to focus on much else leading up to the ablation. It’s really why I joined this forum. Once you’re in the care of the medical team it’s a sense of relief. My anxiety had gotten pretty bad. Just try to stay positive and try to keep your mind on the big picture. It will all go well. Then it will be time to heal and move forward with your life!

Slattery in reply to A2DP

Your support is welcome!

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