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Heal your vagus nerve - video

Hi everyone

As many people on this forum know - I have had a variety of Autonomic dysfunctions along with Heart arrythmias and have been banging on about this for some time and been largely ignored so I am delighted that Dr Sanjay has been posting videos about it recently and is studying about it.

There are also some excellent sites suggesting how to help heal your vagus nerve - all good stuff.

This video is the most expansive and pulls together all the individual aspects whilst others seems to focus on just one.

It pulls together all the aspects my life’s journey and I I only wish I had this information 40 years ago.

It is rather lengthy - with good reason - I would strongly recommend to anyone who would like to know more about their vagus nerve, how essential it is in the mind-body-emotion connection - and strategies to help cope and heal.

Have a great seek-end.

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I have had good results from my Bowen practitioner in calming the vagus nerve for what it is worth.


Very similar to suggestions in video - yoga, breath control, humming, EFT - all great strategies. I like Bowen also.


Thank you for the video cdreamer :-) I will watch it this evening.

There was something on the TV the other day about using the Vagus nerve to help some stroke victims who have poor use in their limbs. A little box is implanted which electronically stimulates the vagus nerve.

I wondered at the time if there were possibilities that a similar device could be made and used to control AF, a project for consideration maybe :-)


Yes I saw that - very interesting - it was mainly for upper limb paralysis and helping remapping brain connections.


Thank you for this CD - I keep getting interrupted but what I have seen looks very interesting.

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Brings together much of what you and I have been saying for a few years now....


Where can I find the video please.


Just tap the link & it takes you straight to YouTube


ah thanks, just home from hospital had gall bladder removed could not see link in hosp just home now in bed and it's showing on my iPad.


Thanks CD much appreciated, really looking forward to gaining more knowledge on this particular area, so much good stuff coming through on our Forum at present I am running a bit behind!


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