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Kardia and tachycardia

Hello, I'm trying to get to grips with understanding the Kardia and it's capabilities for arrhythmias other than AF. It flagged up multiple atrial ectopics for me yesterday, but this trace from today showed as normal. My heart rate went from the 60s into the 170s for the few seconds this wasn't showing a steady trace. A trace from yesterday was similar, but went longer with a slightly higher upper rate. Is it right that the kardia should return a 'normal' for these events please? Many thanks

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That is normal sinus rhythm which then is corrupted by artifact and then back to two normal beats when the noise stops. I would put the smartphone (iPhone or Android) into airplane mode so that any RF interference is stopped.

The reason this gave a Normal is that it identified the noise as such and saw the Normal Sinus Rhythm.

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Brilliant, thank you very much :) Just to clarify, if noise interference is picked up, it will make the heart rate reading falsely high?

Yes, the interference gives a false high heart rate.

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Thank you

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You are very welcome. The recording you showed is Normal Sinus Rhythm at about 70 beats per minute.

Hi Reward, you probably knew this already, but Dr Dave is the man who actually invented the Kardia! (How cool is that?!) No better authority to have your reply from :)

Out of interest, did you feel your heart going fast or something? I’m wondering what the sensation was that caused you to record it at that time?

Hi JaneFinn, Yes, I had gleaned that from searching for the answer in previous Kardia posts :) It's fantastic, and I'm very grateful to have such solid and reliable information :) Although I have long-diagnosed atrial flutter, and previously recorded PVCs, I have recently been hospitalised with episodes of VT, the initial one having been sustained. When in hospital, my heart rate was leaping from the 50s into the late 190s several times a day, but I was asymptomatic so wasn't aware without the monitor telling me. My discharge letter said I had no further 'recorded' episodes of VT whilst in hospital, but they failed to mention I was on the AMU not the cardiac unit, and that the monitor didn't have recording capability. It was supposed to have been monitored in real time by staff, but the unit was beyond crazily busy, and much more basic needs went by the wayside, never mind monitoring one patient's ticker. When I brought it to their attention, it was waved away as irrelevant as the monitor was showing normal rhythm ast the moment of speaking with them. Whilst waiting for my EP referral, I decided to get the Kardia to see if I could obtain any useful recordings of the VT prior to seeing him, so, being asymptomatic, have been taking random readings to try to catch any. I was taking a random one a couple of days ago, when I had a very symptomatic burst of atrial ectopics which returned as 'unclassified'. I had that one analysed to find out how it all worked. It just so happened that my wrist-worn Garmin was struggling with recording my heart rate at the same time as I did this recording, so I did wonder if it was a genuine tachy event

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Ah that makes sense! How frustrating about the hospital not managing to record the VT. I want to say I hope you do manage to catch it on a Kardia recording... but even more than that, I hope it never happens again. (But if it DOES, I hope you catch it for the EP.) Keep us posted :) xx

That interference does look rather like the pridip,pridip,pridip,brrrrrrrrrrrrdip that you get when a phone is left near a hi fi unit. :-) I knew that moving large muscle groups (sit still!) during a recording can corrupt a Kardia trace, but I've never seen this interference on mine. Maybe because it usually has a wifi connection and there's little to no mobile signal in my house? Good to know it can happen though.

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