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New EP Please

Hi all,

Just found out by chance today that my EP has retired.

I was due to see him on the 30 Jan at St Marys, no one thought of contacting me (NHS of course), so if I hadn't rang the secretary by chance I would not have known. I may see him privately, but want some recommendations.

My EP was DR Wyn Davies.... very very good EP (at St M)

Can anyone else make some recommendations for a Very good EP in NHS (happy to see them privately initially),,

I have heard names such as Dr Richard Schilling,

and also

Dr Kanagaratnam (at St M)

but would like some feedback and recommendations.

Thanks all in advance.


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Dr Magdi Saba, St George's part of Prof Camm's team.

Recommended without reservation. Very experienced, personable. I had great confidence in him. Would go back, but now I have relocated too far away. Private but using NHS Cathlab.


Thanks Badger


Wyn Davis was my EP. I had no idea he was retiring. I hope he has a long and healthy retirement and would like to thank him for the care and advice he has offered me over the years.


Hi Garrbo so do you have someone now?


I last attended clinic on 20/12/17 because my rhythm has changed after 24 years of AF to flutter. The cardiologist Dr Alma Iacob I spoke with referred me to Dr Kanagaratnum who I do not recall meeting before. I am looking forward to the next appointment to discuss the usefulness of a fifth ablation.

I had not met Dr Iacob before but she listened to my concerns and I left the appointment reassured. I have already had two follow ups as a result of the consultation.


Thank you Garrbo...that's a name I have been given too.

This might be a daft question but atrial flutter v atrial fibrillation?


Hello Andyt36

Atrial flutter feels more comfortable, to me it just feels like a fast but regular rhythm of 95-100 bpm but without the lumps and bumps that I get when in AF. Previously I was in fast permanent (or so I thought) AF. The effects seem similar though, general tiredness and breathlessness and leg pain when walking up a slope or stairs.


Hi Andy. I am sorry that Dr Wyn Davies is retiring. He is an amazing man and he trained many of the team of EPs at The Royal Brompton and Harefield NHS Trust. Dr Wajid Hussain did my first ablation for Atrial Flutter and persistent AF at St Mary's in early 2000. He did another ablation at Harefield around 20114. I had Dr Tom Wong at St Mary's and The Brompton but when I had a horrendous mess-up at my local hospital Dr Wong wasn't around for me to see him and I came under the wonderful care of Dr Gareth David Jones. I don't know if Dr Jones , or another excellent EP, Dr Vias Markides, were ever trained by Dr Davies but they, too, are excellent in their field and were both trained at St Mary's.Anne


Thank you Annel all very useful


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