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AF and EP advise

Hi all this might sound a bit silly but wanted to ask about protocol

I have had AF for a for a couple of years now.

Until March/April this year I was on pill in the pocket of flecaninde and bisoprosol.

In march I was on a diet actually fasting for Greek Easter and I was away in Greece where I spend part of the year. When I say fasting generally it was a gluten free vegan diet.

My AF started 1 episode per week approximately and after the fourths week eater Sunday followed by another episode on the Wednesday.

Saw a cardiologist in Greece who suggested 100 flecaninde twice per day and 1.25 mg of bisoprosol once per day.

I wanted to get my EPs opinion in the UK, so I called and emailed his secretary a few times but no response. I do have a follow appointment with him in January 2018 which was set (in Jan 2017) before these events.

My GP said I would be lucky to get a response if I emailed directly.

Is there a protocol to follow what is the best way for me to get in touch, as good as my EP is I think some of them have a god complex and in the end we get lost in the system.(he was much more responsive when I was seeing him privately but that was 120 a pop and I would have thought a simple response via email word have been fine). I guess I could see him privately again but was wondering what the NHS protocol was.

Any advice appreciated


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Going private is the best thing to do. Otherwise ask your GP to write to him and try writing direct, phone his secretary.


Have you tried ringing his secretary? If you ring the hospital and asked to put through they always do; and I am talking about the nhs.

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I have tried and left her a message. I am trying to understand if going back directly to the consultant is outside of protocol. Personally I don't think it is,just trying to understand. I am hoping he wasn't upset that I saw another consultant but I did explain in the email that I was abroad.


I have a similar situation. I called the cardiologists secretary who said that the GP must write with new symptoms/concerns and cardio would decide whether I needed to be seen. Now considering my next move!


These consultants are all different.

I ince had a 'god like' professor who was clearly very eminently qualified but it was virtually impossible to communicate with him.

I now have a Consultant who not only takes my phone calls when he can but even phones me to see how I an feeling. All on the NHS!

Try calling your EP's secretary again.

By the way I was on the same dose if Flecainide and Bisoprolol as you for many years.



Thanks Pete what happened after the many years?



I am one of the minority for whom ablation has not been successful. I have had a number if ablations. The last one nearly 6 months ago led to my heart converting to SVT I have had this fast rhythm since.

At the time it was established that I had bad conductivity and regularly had Bradycardia so my EP stopped the Bisoprolol but I have had to continue the Flecainide.

On Thursday I am due to have an ablation to address the Atrial Tachycardia and I am hopeful that this will be successful.



It is entirely possible that all emails from outside the UK go automatically into a spam folder. Phoning his secretary over and over to catch them at work is most likely to get through.


Thank u


I have always gone through secretary and never had any problems. x


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