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After some research it seems we in Wales cannot choose out specialists to a degree, whilst yes I can choose whom I see in a private consultation I then am unable it seems to then keep seeing them on the bus if they don't practice within my health boards area.

Very annoying as reading some posts here about Dr ocallaghan I was hoping I could be under him, however I cannot

Cardiff trust has somewhere in region of 9-10 EP's that offer private appt and then nhs afterwards

However my health board which includes Swansea I can only see 2 of which only 1 offers private consultation, so it seems my choice is limited to 1 a Dr James Barry....or wait 12 months for a referral where I'll either see the other one.....or Dr Barry ..

I'm a bit annoyed at this really

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  • I agree with you that it is annoying and sympathise as I've been trying to get information on a patient's rights where I am. I live in N Ireland and our system is even worse! As far as I can find out, Choose and Book doesn't exist over here and there may be even more restrictions on patients' access to AF ablation in the one centre which performs it. (End of the waiting list is out of sight).

  • Choose and book isn't available in Wales either

  • There' s South Wales and ( the poor relation ) North Wales. In North Wales we have to travel to the Liverpool Heart and Chest Hospital. I understand that there are 7 EPs working there. I can recommend both Dr Derrick Todd and Dr Richard Snowdon.

  • Outside my health board I'm afraid once more

  • That's what Labour run health services look like......

  • True but lets not get political here or it will end up being deleted by the thought police.

  • I started my AF journey in Swansea as I was visiting my mother-in-law at the time and was under Professor Halcox (cardiologist) who has a special interest in AF and works between Swansea and Cardiff. I've since transferred care back to my home area so that any appointments are closer to home so come under Cardiff & Vale, but have found that a lot of the people working in Swansea also work in Cardiff and they do talk to each other. I wouldn't worry too much.


  • Here's hoping, I'm just very scared about all this, reading the stories

  • My story started in Prince Phillip in Llanelli, and then Morriston hospital under Dr Mark Anderson. He was the one that performed my first ablation. That failed and was then transferred to the Heath under Dr O'Callaghan who performed my second ablation. Dr Anderson was in attendance, and I still see him on a regular basis. I am now waiting for a third ablation which will be performed by Dr F Leong. They all correspond regularly, and I know that it will be Dr Anderson that I will be seeing after the op. xx

  • Hi. It was Dr O Callaghans team that did my ablation but a young Australian doctor actually did it under Dr O Callaghans supervision. As I think has been said before on here you don't necessarily get your E.P. of choice even if you are down to be Don e by him or her. Sometimes they are called away on emergencies or are training a future E.P. However they are still responsible for the procedure so must have trust in their replacement. Swansea is part of the training ground for students at the university hospital of wales and therefore I think practice and expertise are shared around. I think you will be fine e at Swansea. Good luck. X

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