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Back in AF Again. Ablation last Nov 2017

So, I had an Ablation Nov 22nd 2017.

Went for my 6 week check up today. Had an ECG, saw my Cardiologist. He has booked me in for a second Ablation urgently, as a small section needs remapping.

So meanwhile back in AF again. Side effects, oh yes, tight chest near my diaphragm always get that when in A F.

Scooter for getting around outside, walking frame indoors and up and stairs once a day .

Not impressed.

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It is disappointing, yes, but it seems to me it's good that you have been offered this second bite at the cherry - and hopefully soon too - rather than messing about trying various medications to see if they improve you.


Yes as Rellim says, mixed news. Hope things get better.

How do they determine that a small section needs remapping? Was that something that the ECG picks up, or some data taken from the original ablation?

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From a very erratic ECG . Well they did it three times.


Similar story to me, AF returned after 3 weeks, very aggressive, the MAN said from the ECG, booked me a touch up which took 45min to 1 hour, recovery from this was a lot easier and quicker than the first, so it seems as if he is on top of it and things look hopeful.

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Try not to be upset about needing the second ablation. This isn’t at all unusual given the complexity and number of rogue cells firing off unwanted impulses in your left atrium if you have Afib.

My first ablation for SVT was an instant success, because all they had to ablate was one short extra electrical pathway in the right atrium. However, my second ablation for A fib in the right atrium only managed to get about half of the rogue cells, and that was a five and a half hour proceedure ! So I needed another operation to ‘mop up’ the rest. That took another five hours.

Touch wood, I have been symptom free since the third op, apart from initial ectopics and feeling very tired for weeks afterwards.

Stick with it and best of luck.

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