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3rd ablation- 3 long episodes so far - 2 weeks out - any thoughts?

I had my 3rd ablation 2 weeks ago and have had a 15, 16, and 23 hour episode of afib/flutter. Am embarking on an intermittent fasting low card diet in hopes of initiating cellular regeneration in light of recent research.

Anyone have bouts of arrhythmia post ablation and ended up with a successful procedure after healing?

Anyone tried the intermittent fasting?

And lastly- has anyone had success with thoracic manipulation to abate afib? I've tried it and it didn't seem to work. Don't know if it's practitioner's skill related or snake oil.

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Here are my thoughts on your questions:

The blanking (healing) period is 3-6 months following an ablation. During that time your heart, that has been either burned or frozen is angry, inflamed and prone to bouts of arrhythmia. It does not mean that the ablation has not been successful. Keep your EP informed of how you are doing. You don't want your heart to relearn the bad habit of a fib/ flutter by staying in it too long without attention and attempts to convert.

As for low carb diet, I hope you mean doing away with simple sugars and junk, as opposed to heart healthy fruits, vegetables, and whole grains which are proven to reverse heart disease.

I think it is a good idea to have a good 12-16 hour fast ....from the evening meal to the next morning's breakfast

And as far as thoracic manipulation, it could work. I have done heart opening poses of yoga to stop an episode, and that is not so different.

Take it easy, recover gently to protect your heart. Wishing you well in the new year!

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For me no. Now for normal people it is not unheard of in the healing aka blanking period.


Bowen Technique operatives claim to be able to assist with AF.

Far too early to worry about success or failure. Ask again in three to six months but don;t do anything which could upset your angry heart, Out of interest I'm not sure cell regeneration would be helpful as you want scar tissue not healthy cells. My second failed because I healed too well.



Can you explain your last sentence? Was it because the ablation was too cautious?


No I mean that I healed up too well and some of the scars did not form so had to be done again. This is not uncommon.


I had numerous arrhythmias after my first and only ablation in nov 2013. It took 5 months for them to settle down and then stop. I have been in NSR since.

So stay positive and good luck 🍀

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I had bouts of afib up until 2 months post ablation but they were decreasing in duration and time between episodes was increasing. Been afib free for 13 weeks now.

Good Luck!


First of all, 3!!!! ablation. I wish more EP doctors educated their patients about other options that have great results with freedom of AF.

Now, related to your question. Everyone heals differently. It takes some time for the scaring of the laser on the inside of your heart to occur. Normally a good 6 weeks should produce mature scarring. Some people are lucky and get results within the first week.

Homework: Convergent Procedure, TT MAZE procedure

Good luck, I wish you well.


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