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RA flutter ablation

I saw my cardiologist just before Christmas as I had become more breathless after being fine on disopyramide for years for mild rhythm problems. He did an ECJ and said the heart rhythm had indeed changed since we last had an ECG and I was now in flutter. He immediately said he would speak to his colleagues about me having an ablation and I have had the appt through already for the 10 Jan!! He said I may need anticoagulants for 4 weeks pre op but obviously this won't be happening Has anyone here had this procedure wthout? Thank you

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I think you need to contact the hospital right away. It is normal for patients to be anticoagulated for at least four week prior to such procedure to prevent any possibility of clots being left in the heart. I suspect that either you should have started A/C sooner (when did you see the EP? ) or will have to have you procedure delayed as many have in such circumstances. In the days when warfarin was the only choice is was common for INR checks on a weekly basis running up to the ablation and if you were not fully in range then it didn't happen.

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Thanks I saw the cardiac consultant who I have been seeing for 15 plus years mid December and got the appointment through yesterday. I have an appointment with GP on 3rd and actual procedure is booked for the 10th No mention of A/C at all in the literature that came through


I repeat you MUST call them and discuss as soon as possible if you are not already anticoagulated.. Your EP mentioned it and most likely did not think your appointment would be so soon. . When I had mine he told me about six months wait so get my GP to put me on warfarin in about three months.


Yes I plan to call them this week as no one there atm. He mentioned it as a possibility but not a certainty but I always thought it was the case and will definitely be asking before I proceed. The ablation is for flutter and they have said the faulty circuit is very obvious. I am on other meds which have a similar effect to A/Cs so am wondering of that is a factor Thanks for your advice


My husband was told he had a flutter Dec 5 after a bout of pneumonia. He was put on ac but had an abilation Dec 18. His fraction rate was low so they did it right away.


Thank you this is what I am wondering whether in an emergency they just do it without depending on your risk I have had this since my 20s and am 52 now and have never been on A/C I do take prednisolome which thins blood and increases clotting time and also have been on high strength fish oils for years and have regular blood tests so am wondering if this is a factor. Thanks again for your advice and I hope your husband is getting better X


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