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Waiting for Atria Flutter Ablation

I had a successful cardioversion about 2 months ago and I'm waiting for an Ablation. Pulse is a little low at about 55 bpm but I have felt ok until today. Went out walking this a.m. and had to climb a moderately steep incline. At first this caused me to be a bit out of breath but was immediately followed by feeling nauseous. I felt faint and my vision became affected and blurred. I did not pass out but had to lie flat for a about an hour. I found that my Flutter had returned and pulse was 152 bpm. After the rest and feeling much better I returned home. This evening, whilst sitting reading, I had a sudden and quiet violent spasm. No pain anywhere, just a fright. I then found that normal sinus rhythm had returned. It seemed to be a natural defibulation. Has anyone else had this occurence?

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Yes! it is a pause and mine just kept getting worse even after two ablations and three year free of anything but the occasional click and clank was in normal sinus rhythm and came a big pause,I went down stairs and was telling my wife and then it started 3-5 minute intervals my heart was pausing some as long as 6 seconds as the Doctor just looked at me.they came to me and said it was my medication,the funny thing is I told them I was late for my meds and they let me have one 20 minutes later I have had no pauses,but they put in a PC 6 weeks now and no meds,if rate goes below 40 it will kick start the heart. I didn't want you to become afraid,but to be informed of my experiences with jolts. hope you never go where I've been!

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Hi after reading your account of what happened today I feel it would be good to visit your GP or speak to them, just in case you had a t. I .a . Hopefully it's nothing to be concerned about but it wouldn't do any harm to make sure. Best wishes Mary


Thanks for your reply. Excuse my ignorance, but was is a 't.l.a.'?


TIA is Transient Ischemic Attack or mini stroke


Many thanks. I'm feeling great at the moment but will make an appointment with my GP as soon as poss.


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