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Results of 2 week heart monitor. 21% of time in flutter or Svt's almost 3 months post 2nd ablation

My nurse called today to give me the results of my heart monitor. Said I was having tachacardia and Svt's and some flutter 21% of the time. Said the rate was between 100-150 bpm and averaged 85. I am not sure what to think. When they put on the monitor I was in a flutter for 7 hours. The last two weeks I have felt great nothing more than a few minutes.

The nurse said its possible since my ablation was a little long it could taking longer to heal.

In the 3 months since I had the ablation the first month was good , 2nd not and now into 3rd good.

But the results worry me that something else is going on now. I have an appointment in January. For now since I feel well they said to just treat any episodes with PIP.

Anyone had anything similar happen ,I think I will call the nurse again tomorrow to clarify.

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My purely personal opinion is that you should not worry about this. It is how you feel that is important not what the tests say. ANY treatment for AF is only ever about improving quality of life. As many of us have said before three months is the minimum time for recovery and many people were still improving at six or even nine months down the line.

Enjoy your life and don't look for problems.


Thank you for the good advice, we all know not worrying about it is the hardest part


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